16 Super Instagram tips that you did not know

16 Super Instagram tips that you did not know


Did you know that on Instagram more than 4 billion posts are posted daily? To flip, yes or no?

It is common knowledge that Instagram is an extremely useful tool, with more than 600 million active users, which is no small feat. The high number of active users makes Instagram has become a great ally to make your company or personal brand known.


It is possible that you think you know this tool at your fingertips, but today we want to leave you with 16 Instagram tricks you did not know.


Ready to surprise you? Let us begin!


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Super Instagram tricks you did not know



1. Add more than one account on your Instagram



This option is well known to people who work with the tool, but lately I’ve noticed that many acquaintances were unaware of this option. For this reason so altruistic (I love you, rock!) I proceed to tell you how you can add more than one account on Instagram.


– Click on the icon that appears below your screen to go to your profile.
– Now press the three dots that appear above to the right to enter the “Options” menu .
– Once inside, scroll to the end of everything and select “Add account”.
– It includes the “User” and the “Password” of the new account that you want to manage.


You already have your account added! Now, to change your account without having to log out, you just have to press your icon (the one on the bottom right) for a few seconds and the option to choose another account will appear.


2. Hide comments on Instagram that contain certain keywords


Imagine you have a few haters who always criticize you using the same type of words or insults. Well, Instagram allows you to block comments based on the words you choose . This way, if the comment includes any of the words you have selected: it will be automatically deleted and will not appear in your profile.


I tell you how it is done, it has no loss:


– Go to your profile.
– Squeeze the three little dots on the top right.
– Scroll and select the option: “Comments”.
– There you will find two filters: the automatic (which will hide comments that may be offensive) and the manual.
– Activating the manual filter you can hide from your posts all those comments that include any of the words or phrases you specify.
Instagram, Hide, Comments, Tips, Tricks

This option can be really useful to manage large accounts that always receive the same type of insults or offensive comments.

automatic filter and instagram manual


3. Hide the Instagram photos where you have been tagged


Did you go out a couple of nights ago and some bad friend has posted a photo of you indisposed?

Do not let it ruin your life: hide it so that people can not see it in your profile.


It’s a very easy trick that can save you from giving more than one explanation:


– Go to your profile.
– Enter inside the photos where you appear labeled.
– Click the three little dots on the top right.
– Select the “Photos in which you appear” option , which is found under “Account” .
– Click on “Hide photos” and select all the photos you want to hide.
– To save click on the “eye” that appears in the upper right part of the screen.


4. Schedule your Instagram posts


Did you know that you can program your Instagram posts so that you do not have to be uploading photos at the moment?

To do this you just have to create an account in Hootsuite and program it from there. Do you know how to do it?


– Open your Hootsuite account and add your Instagram account.
– Click on “Write Message” .
– Choose the photo or video you want and add the text and hashtags.
– Choose the day and time you want your post to appear in the calendar.
– When the day of publication arrives, you will receive a notification in Hootsuite (you must have it installed on your mobile phone) and you will only have to follow the steps indicated to publish your post, which will be ready and ready to go.


5. Find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts


Do you get lost when choosing your hashtags for Instagram posts? We know that, many times, it is difficult to choose them. But do not worry, Instagram has the solution to the problem.

Squeeze the “Lupa” (located on the bottom right) that allows you to find new discoveries.
Add a keyword to find hashtags.
Click on the “#” icon at the top and you will see all the related hashtags that are more relevant.


6. Download your Instagram Stories


Are you very proud of the Stories you have made? Do you want to have it forever in your life or show it to the guests on your wedding day? Well, you better keep it well. How can you do it to download it?


– Open your Stories.
– Squeeze the three little buttons that appear on the bottom right.
– Select “Save Photo” .


7. Review all the images that you liked


Did you know that Instagram allows you to see the last 300 posts you’ve given like?

This is super useful to have an online record of those images that have inspired you the most , or to have all the cool ideas at hand to get you the most creative.


How can you do it? Very easy.


– Enter your Instagram profile
– Squeeze the three dots that appear above to the right.
– In the section “Account” , you will see that the option “Publications that you liked” appears : click.

Did you know this trick? We think it’s most useful.


8. Clear your history and get rid of the recommendations


Imagine that you have been staking thousand profiles of Yoga for a client, but that you are interested in Yoga as in boxing (ie: nothing).

As Instagram memorizes your tastes and gives you recommendations based on your searches , now he is only going to recommend you to very active and very healthy yogis. Oh dear.

What do not interest you at all? Well, Instagram also offers the option to delete your search history. Do it and start from scratch.


It’s very easy, we tell you how:


– Go to your Instagram profile.
– Squeeze the three little dots on the top right.
– Scroll to the end and there you will see the option “Clear search history” . Click and tap!


9. Activate notifications of your favorite accounts


Are you a super active follower of a politician? Are you the crazy fan of a singer? Do not want to miss the latest publications of your girlfriend’s ex? We are not going to judge you, you are free to do what you want with your life, you already have an age, amigui.

To the point: if you do not want to miss the latest publications of a specific account, you can activate a notification that alerts you every time the account publishes something.

How, how, how do I do it? I’m going, you’re impatient.


– Visit the profile of the account from which you want to receive notifications.
– Squeeze the three little dots on the top right.
– Select the option “Activate notifications for publications” .


If you finally get bored with so much notification, you can deactivate them in the same section.


10. Discover what accounts you do on Instagram do


Yes, in addition to stalking your favorite accounts, Instagram also lets you see what their behavior on Instagram is.


Doing it is very easy:


– Go to the “Heart” that appears at the bottom of your account.
– Deselect the “You” from the top and select the “Following” .
– This way you can start to see what your contacts on Instagram do.


11. Save the Instagram posts that you like the most


Surely many times you have found an image on Instagram and you liked it so much that you have finished making a screenshot to save it. Well, the screenshot is going to end , because now Instagram allows you to save the top publications so you can see them later.

This is ideal for saving images that inspire you , accounts that interest you, but you do not want to follow, or jobs of the competition.


How is it done?


– Go to a publication that you would love to keep.
– Below the right of the publication you will see that there is a little loop: tighten it and the publication will be saved.
– To see all your saved posts you have to go to your profile and press the same link, which you will find at the top right of your photos.


12. Zoom in Instagram photos


Did you know that for a while Instagram allows you to increase the photos to better appreciate the details?


– Put on top of the image you want to enlarge.
– With two fingers, enlarge the image.
– Enjoy the details!


13. Share your Stories on your Instagram profile


Have you posted an stories that you are very proud of and would like to share it on your Instagram profile? Now you can do it.


– Open your Stories.
– Squeeze the three dots that appear below to the right of your Stories.
– Select “Share as a publication.”
– Edit the publication, add filters, hashtags and publish to your profile.


Did you know this option?


14. Record a video on Instagram without having to press the button


We know it’s a pain in the ass to have to press the “recording” button to record a video on your Instagram.

Well, amigui, we have good news, now Instagram allows you to record videos hands free!


How can you do it?


– Go to the camera as if you were going to start a Stories.
– At the bottom of the screen you will see several options available, scroll to the right until you find the “Hands-free” option .
– Press the “record” button and roll your video without having to press the button constantly.



15. Share in your Stories content from your photo gallery


Have you taken the perfect picture and want to post it on your Instagram Stories? Have you done it from the camera of the mobile phone and not from the camera of Stories? Do not worry, now you can upload your photos to Stories (as long as you have made them during the last 24 hours!).


– Go to the camera on the top left, to go to Stories.
– Below the left you will see that there is a small preview of the photos in your gallery. Click on the preview and you will go directly to the photos of your camera.
– Choose the photo you want to upload.
– Edit it or add text and emojis as you normally do with your Stories.


If you want to hang a photo that you made more than 24 hours ago, here is another trick. You just have to open it with your image editor, edit it a bit and save it again. If your phone thinks that the photo is “new”, you can hang it without problems.


16. Hide your Instagram Stories to specific people


Have you left it with your partner and do not want me to see your Stories? Instagram allows you to hide your Stories to the people you want.



– Go to your Instagram profile.
– Squeeze the three little dots on the top right.
– Go to “Configuring the story .”
– Select the people you want to hide your story with.
– Press the top “check” to save.


So far our 16 Instagram tricks.

We hope you are super useful and make your life a little easier.

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