16 Top SEO Tips and Tricks

16 Top SEO Tips and Tricks

Website optimization tips and tricks are the most searches on the web. Individuals regularly look for the best SEO tips and tricks in 2018. Today we are sharing the best and valuable SEO tips and tricks 2018

Blogging profession has been one of the up and coming business in the world. Many people have moved in the direction of this profession as it is demanding and furthermore profiting.

Many individuals do blogging as either part-time or full-time and getting great cash. But it is not necessary that all this blog flourishes in the world. Professional blogging requires great dialect and state of mind to accommodate the peruser. Remember not to Google or SEO to keep in touch with the gathering of people. This is the main SEO proposal you should remember.

Never Blog for Google Traffic – Always Write to Your Audiences

SEO Tips & Tricks

The following are the SEO tips and trick that can help in achieving success.

1: The Content

– Use focus keyword in the first paragraph
– Long content correlates with higher rankings
– Forget keyword density
– Use LSI keywords
– Add internal & external links
– Prioritize quality over frequency
– Setup rich snippets/Structured data.

2: Keyword Research

– Choose keywords wisely
– Keep the main keyword per page
– Check title competition(Googe “allintitle” your keyword”)
– Steal competitor’s keywords
– monitor your CTR

3: Header Tags

– Place Unique H1 tag on each page
– Use focus Keywords in H1
– Use LSI Keywords in H2 & H3
– Avoid header tags in layout

4: Site Layout & Architecture

– Content should be clear and upfront
– Avoid ads above the fold
– Create a content hierarchy
– Keep clear Navigation
– Keep nofollow to paid & affiliates links
– Keep contact info visible
– Include privacy policy and about page

5: Title Tag

– Front load your keyword
– Avoid truncation
– Make it clickable
– Add brand at the end
– Don’t repeat keywords.
– Title Tag Formula: Focus keywords I Secondary keyword I Brand Name
– Keep it under 50 – 60 Characters

6: Meta Descriptions

– write it concise
– Avoid truncation
– Include main focus keyword as soon as possible
– Keep it under 150 and 160 characters
Note: Use “Yoast plugin” – its a complete WordPress SEO plugin.

7: User Experience

– Lower your bounce rate
– Use “Scrollmaps” Software
– Use “Heatmaps” tracking
– Minimise pop-ups
– Be careful with interstitial ads
– Make site mobile optimized
– set up friendly 404 page
– Implement SSL

8: Images optimisation

– Add relevant “alt text”
– Use descriptive image name
– Compress image size

9: Site Speed

– Optimise loading time for both mobile & Desktop
– Use tool: “Google page speed insights”.

10: Google Analytics

– Monitor traffic changes
– Monitor landing pages
– Monitor exit pages
– Monitor bounce rate

11: Google Search Console

– look “higher impressiongs” & SERP11+, add internal links to those pages to boast rankings.
– Check & fix crawl errors Desktop & smartphone
– Add sitemap.xml and submit

12: Link Building

– Build links form High Domain Authority sites
– Topically relates sites
– Links with the content
– Follow competitors backlinks
– Diversify your links & anchor texts

13: Social Media

– Be active on social media
– Set up rich pins in website
– Set up twitter card
– Encourage sharing of your content

14: Google Penalty Recovery

– Check traffic drops
– Remove thin content
– Remove bad links
– Disavow links
– check for hacks & inserted links
– File a reconsideration request

15: Content promotion

– Find popular content in your niche and improve/update it
– shareable assests = more links example: infographics
– email outreach
– share content with others

16: Genenal SEO Tips & Advice

– Be patient
– Pay attention to updates from “Search engine land”
– Don’t spam

If you are a new in blogging and do not know this before the blogger SEO tips and tricks, you will discover achievement in blogging.

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