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I have prepared for you 22 tips to help you on the way to a more successful INSTAGRAM APP. This is a list of things, insights and advice that can help both the newcomers in the social networking field and those who have been in the Instagram for some time now. All the tips and advice I gathered based on my own experience, studying surveys and statistics. It is a practical and factual list for which no science is needed.

If your range has dropped significantly over the past year, be it your photos or the number of visits to the entire profile, do not hang your head. In June 2016, Instagram launched a new image rendering system on the main page of the so-called non-chronological feed. Since then, photos have not been shown by the date they were added, but chronologically, according to the new algorithm set by INSTAGRAM APP . Do not worry, you can work to increase reach and traffic to your profile.

1. Niche!

Think about the niche of your profile, which also applies to business. Determine what you focus on INSTAGRAM APP .

2. Hashtags

The Hashtags certainly deserve their place in the whole reach strategy. They seem to lose some strength but if you want to see more, it will pay off. Find the right hashtags through similar IG profiles, check what they use, and choose those hashtags where it is not crawled (the ideal of about ten thousand posts under that hashtag – in more it will rather lose your content). Start your own hashtag to add your photos to your community + give them a reason to do so.

3. Blue is good

Yes, it is statistically proven that blue is one of the most successful colors that brings interest to the ladies in INSTAGRAM APP . Do not forget, however, that nothing should be exaggerated.

4. Personal or corporate profile?

Instagram APP lets you choose between a standard personal profile and company profile. A lot of conjecture about the reduction of reach is addressed around the corporate profile. So how is it? Check out the video.

5. IG is about a photo

If you want to succeed on IG, focus on the most important photo. Learn the basics of photography that will raise your photo level up.

6. Daylight is your friend

Do not look for anything complicated in taking photos, it’s clear that you’re doing a lot of other business around. One of the sureties in the photo shoot is light. For pictures in the evening, quench, shoot in the daylight!

7. Uniform style

Instagram APP is not just about a single photo but about the whole gallery. Focus on her, choose the colorful tuning and style that you will hold and all the galleries will be acting all the time.

8. Collapse it

One of the simple tips for tuning a gallery is to alternate photo types. It can be photos of people and environment. Just make sure that three similar photographs do not appear next to each other unless this is the intent of your entire gallery.

9. Do not leave the topic

You may need one day to spend exceptionally on your dog versus everything that has hitherto been your profile. Remember point 1? Do not do it if your brand is not yourself (applies to celebrities, for example). People are expecting something from you, suppressing something they do not want, may mean they will soon say goodbye to you.

10. Individuality and idea

Inspiring, it’s fine. But what people ask is originality, individual approach, idea. Do not worry about it and differentiate yourself, whether it’s a photo or a story.

11. Focus on the story

We are well established. Yes, social networks are not just about photos, behind them are stories that deserve their space in the photo description. Pay them to them. People like to learn new and interesting news. It is important that you give them. Play it!

12. You can upload photos at all times

I’m often confronted with the fact that users do not know what their options are for recording IG photos. I was talking more in the video. Definitely do not need to be limited to 1 × 1.

13. Planning

Plan ahead of what photos you will post and play with their color tuning. There are countless applications to help you. I personally use Preview.

14. Work on your BIU

Instagram APP lets you describe in a few lines. Engage in a brief and concise description, do not be afraid to use emoticons to highlight, and do not forget to add your business website, e-shop, and so on. ATTENTION!! Photos do not belong to the photo description – they are inactive. Again, more in the video.

15. Contribute regularly

Be active users on Instagram APP. If Ig is one of your main channels of communication, give it an ideal 1 under a day. Fans are happy to hear news, behind-the-scenes info, tips, and more. If you do not have to tell, do not push the saw.

16. Contribute at the right time

Your company profile lets you find the ideal time to communicate with your fans through statistics. Get the most out of this data and contribute at the right time.

17. Use Instagram Stories

Insta Stories are a great way to deepen your relationship with fans and also allow you to see more through the Insta Stories rotation on the main page.

18. Do not be afraid of Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasting is popular with topicality. It’s great for fans, potential or existing customers to ask and respond live.  The advantage is again to increase the visibility of your profile in the city. IG page. More in the video again.

19. Marking on the photo

There are lots of accounts on Instagram APP that share photos of other creators, find the relevant ones in your industry, and do not be afraid to tag them directly in the photo.

20. Mark the location

If your photo is from a certain location, highlight it. Most people are going to inspire IG in terms of travel, cafes etc. It will also increase your visibility.

21. Community

Remember, IG is primarily a social network. Be active users, comment, invite fans to discuss their posts.

22. Do not buy fake numbers

Last but not least, I would like to say that any purchase of fans and ladies is just a bad thing. Do not do it. It will not do any good for the long term. What I recommend is to kick off your prom profile at the beginning. If you want to kick off your business quickly, there’s nothing wrong with it.

You will learn everything in detail in detail. The chatter is more pleasant.

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