Basic tips on SEO Online promotion in the top search engines

Basic tips on SEO Online promotion in the top search engines

The main recommendations for SEO Online promotion – which will help you bring the site to the top search engines. You will find hundreds of tips on SEO Online on the bottomless Internet. I will try to highlight the most basic ones that you should keep in mind when writing a new article or developing a new website for the good positions of your resource.

SEO online promotion of your site in the top search engines basic recommendations

Let’s consider all the most necessary actions that every site owner must take into account. These tips will help you in proper and successful search engine promotion site.

Keywords in title

The title tag plays a very important role in ranking a page for specific keywords. Because it is very important to write headlines that contain important keywords its help in SEO online promotion. Also do not forget about the aesthetics of the sound of your title, keep in mind that when you issue a link to your website in a search engine, the text in it will be exactly the one that you entered in the title. 
Also keep in mind that Google displays only the first 70 characters (about 8 words) of the title of your page. Google does not even index keywords in the title of your page after 12 words.

Robots.txt Optimization

Having an optimized robots.txt is very important because this file can control which pages of your website are visited by search robots.

Proper use of ALT attributes

The attribute is used to describe the image, not the spam of keywords that have nothing to do with the image. 
Why? Because search robots cannot read images, but they can read an attribute. Write here the words that are actually contained on this page.

Fixed link text

Anchor is the text inside the link tag. Link text is very important for search engines, as it conveys the meaning to where the link leads. 
Try to avoid such anchors as “click here”, “here”, as this can only damage your site. Another important point, the characters in the text link should be up to 55.

Quality of inbound and outbound links

Although most webmasters know that having links to your site can increase your ranking, but many do not know that the quality of donors with links to your sites plays a vital role for page rank. 
Google warns webmasters that they can be punished if they link to spam sites. However, you need to know and take into account that Google Spider cannot check all your links if you have more than 100 unique external pages on one page.

Proper use of header tags for SEO Online

h1, h2 tags, etc. should be used if necessary. You cannot use h tags for a paragraph. 
I will give the main rules when using headings: 
– use the h1 tag only once per page; 
– use h2 – h6 you can as much as you need.

Importance of the first paragraph

Your first paragraph is the most important on your page. Because the search engine considers it a kind of summary page / article. Agree that it is very important to have the most significant keywords on the page in the first or second sentence.

Make sure your site is always available.

The availability of the website should ensure its uninterrupted operation. The functionality of the pages, the uptime of the server, the validity of HTML elements, the availability of all parts of the site. 
Exclude broken links that do not go anywhere. Images that are not loaded for any reason.

Using a humanoid URL

The address of the page should be clear to both the user and the search engine, as well as be associated within the meaning of the page, have keywords in the title. This makes your page more relevant and PS-friendly.

Website usability – less advertising and more useful information

If your site is full of advertising in a chaotic location, it is difficult to find navigation. There is a high probability that you will receive fewer visitors to your site than resources that these people do not neglect. 
If your site was developed in the 90s, I advise you to seriously consider the issue of redesign (updating its appearance in a modern manner).

I told about all the most important and common actions that affect the position of your site. In the direction of Seo should take into account all the factors that affect the ranking of the site in search engines. I wish you a successful website promotion.

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