Business ideas to launch this year

Business ideas to launch this year

Are you ready to start your own in 2020? We have the list of business ideas that you can chop directly.

1. Think tech

The tech industry will perform best next year. That’s what the investment bank Natixis said, which examined how investors view the market in 2019. When the consulting firm lists the technology trends for next year, artificial intelligence (AI) is at the top. AI is broad but can be used for analysis, processes and improved user experiences. 

2. Invest in health care

Health care is second highest. So it can be a place to establish yourself here. Get inspiration from top health Influencers.

3. Consultant in your niche

What is your expertise? Training, health, finances, organizational development, education? See if you can find potential customers in your niche where you can work as a consultant. And if there are already a number of consultants in your area – look for how you can stand out and do things differently.

4. Do business as an Influences

2017 was the year when digital advertising ran on television advertising. Advertisers thus spent more money on digital advertising than traditional television. According to the Recode tech site, digital advertising for $ 209 billion was purchased globally. It’s only going to be more – so be sure to be the one who delivers the right type of ads to customers. 

5. Franchise

Why reinvent the wheel when it already exists? You who just want to throw yourself into the entrepreneurial world of 2019 but still lack the right idea: Check out the existing businesses you are running! There are several chains just waiting for new franchisees. Taco, yoga or selling houses – what suits you best?

5. Amazon Affiliates

Build up a following on YouTube / Facebook / Instagram. And Sign up to Amazon Affiliate and find some legitimately good products that you would recommend. Earn 1% to 10% commission for every purchase made from your link.

6. Online trainers

Do you have specialist knowledge that you want to share? Then it may be time to sell your knowledge online! Today there are thousands of opportunities to reach many with very niche knowledge on different platforms. Web course, Youtube channel or email school are all different examples of how you can reach out with your knowledge to others.

7. Recycling and upcycling

Recycling and environmental thinking are all the time. It is especially popular to recycle and at the same time create something new. Bags of worn jeans, mirror frames from old windows and candle lanterns are a few examples of upcycling.

8. Food truck

A food truck is like a small truck with restaurant equipment.  The experiment turned out well and the trend with food trucks spread in all over. Often, the food trucks are niched on a certain type of food, so what food that becomes your business idea is entirely up to you and only your imagination sets the boundaries.

9. Handmade products

As a backlash to mass production, we today appreciate handmade items that are home-made and preferably in natural materials. We want to be locally produced and environmentally friendly and your business concept can be anything from clothes to soaps, shampoos and food. But do not forget to check with the Food Agency what rules apply if you intend to sell food.

10. SEO Consultant

Today, when Google is our new God, every company wants to be at the top when their customers search for their particular services. You who have ironic knowledge of meta descriptions, page titles, keywords and tags can sell your services to companies that need online marketing.

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