Chandigarh Carnival – November 2017

Chandigarh Carnival is an annual event held in Chandigarh. The Event is organized in Sector 10 of Chandigarh in the most known Leisure valley. It is an amazing super Event held in the long stretch of November and ordinarily goes on for three days. The reasonable imprints a profoundly imaginative advance taken by the Chandigarh organization that has throughout the years been an extraordinary promoter and giver towards uncovering and showing the ability reproducing in the city.

Age particular rivalries and occasions are held that give an opportunity to everyone to approach and grandstand their abilities to individuals. There are extraordinary rivalries for kids, grown-ups and senior subjects. Many schools likewise come and participate in this three-day occasion.

The reasonable is constantly said at whatever point the way of life and convention of Chandigarh is discussed. It isn’t just the soul of the Carnival however the deliberate game plans by the organization also that merits a series of commendation. Pick and drop, settlement and different comforts are given and arranged well ahead of time investigating every possibility for their nationals to take part.


The Grand Carnival generally begins with an incredible parade where one can get the chance to see individuals wearing beautiful ensembles moving and singing to the tune of their main tunes.

All the three days of the Carnival are very much arranged and stuffed with various exercises. Various rivalries, occasions are available for each age and taste of individuals. Throughout the years the jubilee ha turn out to be popular to the point that watchers originate from distant locations abroad to witness this super occasion.

A portion of the real rivalries that are held here incorporate mud demonstrating, painting, favor dress, singing, sit-and – draw rivalries and others.

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