Chandigarh colder than Shimla

Chandigarh colder than Shimla

Chandigarh, colder, Shimla, winterCHANDIGARH: Nights in Chandigarh are colder than in Shimla once more. The city’s base temperature was at 9°C on Saturday, higher than the 10.6°C recorded in Himachal Pradesh’s capital, said an authority at Chandigarh Meteorological Center.

Be that as it may, when it came to most extreme temperature, Shimla, which is found 7,000ft above ocean level, was cooler. The slope station’s daytime temperature was 18°C, while Chandigarh’s most extreme temperature was 26.6°C.

As per Chandigarh Meteorological Center chief Surdender Pal, evenings are relied upon to be colder in Chandigarh one week from now as well. “The explanation behind Chandigarh having colder evenings is that there is overcast climate in Shimla. Temperature in the fields dropped as haze cleared up in early hours. Clear skies mean colder temperature,” Pal said.

This isn’t the first occasion when that Chandigarh has been colder than Shimla. As per information with Indian Meteorological Department, the city was colder than Shimla and Dharamshala in November 2016. Around then, Shimla’s most minimal temperature for the month was 8.4°C, while the figure for Dharamshala was 9.6°C. Then again, minimal temperature in Chandigarh was 6.7°C.

With a gauge of clear skies in Chandigarh for the whole week, the city’s base temperature is relied upon to remain low. “Climate is probably going to be dry, with haze and fog in the morning,” said Pal. In December 2014, Chandigarh had recorded a low of 3°C, while the base temperature in Shimla was 3.1°C and in Dharamsala was 4.4°C. In December 2010, as well, Chandigarh was colder than Shimla. Around then, the city’s base temperature tumbled to 5.2°C, while Shimla’s coldest was 5.6°C.

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