Chandigarh gets its another open gym at Sector 20

Chandigarh gets its another open gym at Sector 20

Chandigarh: Chandigarh has got an open gym at sector 20 and its inaugrated by Asha Jaswal on Tuesday. She said the aim of the municipal corporation (MC) is to provide
open-air gyms for other major parks/gardens in chandigarh. people will able to do practices while they go for their morning or night walk. The aim of this project to advance
solid living in the city.

The MC is also in the process of introducing outside open gym in green belts and parks at better places. The municipal body intends to introduce wellness hardware
in every one of the areas of the city in a staged way. There are a sum of 56 divisions in Chandigarh that have been additionally isolated into
four sections β€” A, B, C and D β€” by a V4 street.

In the starting phase, the MC has set up outside rec centers at around 10 areas by introducing 10 non-electrical wellness machines at every area at a cost of around Rs 60 lakh.
The office is available to occupants free of cost.

Recently, the MC floated a tender for employing a firm to introduce the hardware at five green belts – Sector 18, 19, 21, 27 and 28- – with a due date of
two months to angle the work at a cost of Rs 27.9 lakh.

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