Chandigarh saw 447 online frauds in 22 months

Chandigarh saw 447 online frauds in 22 months

CHANDIGARH: With the city seeing an aggregate of 447 online extortion cases since January 2016, the digital cell of UT police has uncovered that a noteworthy number of such cases happened post-demonetization.
Upwards of 148 instances of ATM/charge/Visa cloning and 299 cases (in regards to online exchanges/shopping where individuals erroneously shared PIN numbers with fraudsters) were accounted for with digital cell in the previous two years.
Out of 447 cases, the digital cell has fathomed 302 cases up until this point.
According to the information, the UT digital cell got a sum of 939 grievances including injurious calls, messages on social locales, Facebook counterfeit id, undermining Facebook, email hacking and other online objections till date. The digital cell has discarded 705 objections up until now.
Harinder Singh Sekhon, in-control, digital cell, said after demonetization, individuals had expanded the utilization of plastic cash. Amid this period, digital cheats have additionally expanded, he included. Police have sorted out a few mindfulness programs in regards to online cheats.
Police authorities said there are some extremely fundamental rules for the general population to guard themselves from online swindlers. They said out of numerous safety measures, individuals ought not to unveil their charge or Mastercard PIN numbers to anyone regardless. They ought to likewise not share their financial balance subtle elements with anybody via telephone. Individuals ought not to take assistance from any outsider in an ATM corner or online exchanges. They should change their PIN following a few months to keep their cards secure.
Rajesh Rana, a digital security master, said on the off chance that anyone loses cash to online fraudsters and he educates the digital cell inside 24 hours of the occurrence, at that point the odds of the recuperation of his lost cash is high. By and large, 100% cash has been recuperated.
Digital Crimes On The Rise
Nature of grievances Cases Solved
ATM/charge/Mastercard cloning 148 88
Online exchanges/shopping 299 214

Abusive calls, messages on social sites 77 55

Facebook fake ID/cheating 121 75
Online job frauds 51 13
Insurance frauds 30 08

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