With the increase in internet users, competition in digital world is also increase. To stay in competition we need to expert in digital world. when I talk about the digital marketing certifications that are in the market, they are free and that, in many cases, companies and agencies claim as a sine condition Qua non to get the position, there are some (or more than one) who looks at me with a weird face and tells me that I detail it, who wants to know what certifications are those. Well, here you have them:

Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certifications

These certifications request them as a requirement to work in agencies dedicated to PPC (pay per click), SEO or Web Analytics. Years ago, each exam cost $ 50, until Google decided to give its official exams free of charge.

There are two types of certifications : PPC (Google Adwords) and Analytics (Google Analytics). In both cases, it is necessary to master the ins and outs of the tool, as well as having a Gmail account. We will detail a little more each of these certifications:

Google Adwords Certifications

There is a wide variety of specializations in Adwords: Search, Display, Shopping, Mobile, and Video . To be certified in any of them you must pass two exams: the Fundamentalsexam , common to all certifications, and the specialty exam . If you want to achieve a second specialty, and you have the current Fundamentals exam (it must be renewed annually), you will only have to take the specialization exam.

To prepare your Google Adwords certifications (which will soon change its name to Google Ads ), you can access Academy for Ads , where there are video tutorials to learn. From the same platform you can perform the certifications once you are prepared.

In addition to this, I recommend opening an Adwords account and practicing the type of campaign you want to carry out, as well as visiting the Advertiser Community , where you can find the answers to the questions, or consult them with the community.

Performing Google exams (both Adwords, Analytics and Digital Advertising Sales) is free, and can be done as many times as we want. Only, Google will make us wait a week to redo the exam if we suspend. Previously, these exams had a cost of $ 50, and limited opportunities: after two attempts, you had to pay the fees again.

Google Analytics Certification

To obtain individual certification in Google Analytics (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) you must also access Academy for Ads, and follow the same dynamics as in the previous case: see the video tutorials, install Google Analytics on your blog or website and start using it, and consult the community.

The Google Analytics certification is considered the most complex of all that Google has, so it is convenient to prepare it well before accessing. We must clarify that all Google exams have a time limitation, so we will have to take this variable into account.

Sales Certification in Digital Advertising

The Digital Advertising Sales certification is one of the most recent of Google, and is more focused on a commercial work than technical: as stated in Academy for Ads, «it covers basic concepts about online advertising and sales skills, and serves to Determine the effectiveness of sales representatives when presenting Google’s digital solutions to businesses. ”

To obtain it, you have to go to Academy for Ads, and it is advisable to see the tutorials and be clear about the concepts. This exam is the simplest of all, and has a clear customer orientation, so it is not only restricted to those who perform a technical task in the company.

The Digital Advertising Sales certification is valid for two years, unlike other Google certifications, which need to be renewed annually.

Bing Ads Certification

Very similar to the Search exam is the certification of Bing Ads , the ads in the Microsoft search engine. Actually, if we have passed the Google Adwords Search exam it will not be complex to overcome this: the similarities reach such a point that the Bing Ads platform allows us to import our Adwords Search campaigns, so that structure, keywords and creatives They have practically the same characteristics on both platforms.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

The Facebook Blueprint certification is within the platform of the same name: a space similar to that of Academy for Ads (in fact, it is so similar that if you do not look at the logo and the name of the courses, you will think not you have left Academy for Ads), in which you have training materials, and, also, you can obtain Facebook certifications. Facebook offers the possibility of taking the exam online or in person, at a Pearson VUE center, or at a Facebook event.

The certification methodology of Facebook is very similar to that of Google: you have three exams that you have to pass to be certified as a professional:

  • Basic Skills Exam
  • Professional exam on purchases
  • Professional exam on planning

These exams are NOT free : the cost of each exam is 150 dollars, and they are available in different languages: English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and Japanese. Hopefully Facebook will do like Google, and apply the gratuity to these tests soon.

Hootsuite Certification

Hootsuite is the best known platform for social network management. Their certification is usually coveted by Community Managers and Social Media Managers.

I will not extend much, since I already wrote a post explaining how to obtain this certification. Yes I will mention that, since then, the variety of Hootsuite certifications has expanded quite a bit, being that of the platform (Hootsuite Platform Certification) the best known. Like Facebook, this certification is NOT free (yes it was in the past). The advantage is that, unlike those of Google, it is not necessary to renew it: it is enough to obtain it only once.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Hubspot offers a free course to obtain your certification in Inbound Marketing (also free). The exam consists of 60 questions, and you must answer 45 correctly to get certified.

The course has a series of video tutorials in English, subtitled in Spanish, that deal with the different topics around Inbound Marketing, and that will help us obtain a positive grade in the online exam.

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