Earn Google AdSense Money

Earn Google AdSense Money

More and more people want to become entrepreneurs or increase their income through the web . There are many benefits to earning money from the internet and working from home rather than in an office; however, to live properly, you will need to find stable sources of income.

One of the best ways to make money easily is Google AdSense . Many people make Google AdSense a source of secondary income, and over time it’s even possible to make it your first source of revenue. To succeed in making money with Google AdSense there are a few things to know. This guide will help you establish favorable conditions for your success and will explain in detail what Google Adsense is and how it works to help you make the most money.

All about Google AdSense

Internet marketing has become vital to the success of all businesses, in all sectors, and one of the ways companies can promote their products and through Google AdWords. Companies bidding on certain keywords for their advertising to appear when people search for services or goods of this type, or even go to certain sites suggesting that they are looking for them. When an ad appears, Google bills the company.

For people with a blog, a website, a YouTube channel , or any other type of online property, Google AdSense is a way to affiliate (on a marketing aspect) and thus generate money through voting media. When you sign up for this service, you allow Google AdWords to display ads with your content.

The advantage of using Google Adsense is double, firstly it’s very easy to use. And what’s more, it’s a well-known company that is known for always paying on time.

To get started with Google AdSense, you need to create a free account and have an already established YouTube blog or channel. Google will analyze your request and approve the request if your content matches its policy. Then you can easily add ads as free plugins. Then Google AdSense does the rest, showing ads. When a user clicks on the ad, you will receive a portion of the money that Google earns on that click.

Not so fast !!

When people learn about the existence and operation of Google AdSense, they often say that they can earn a lot by clicking or asking friends to click on the ads. This is the best way to get kicked out of the Google Adsense program. Google uses very complex algorithms to monitor website activity, or YouTube channels using AdSense. These algorithms are able to differentiate a false click from a real one. Even though occasional fake clicks may not be detected, any cheating attempt will be and you will be banned from the system.

How much can I earn with Google AdSense?

The AdSense experience differs from person to person. Initially, you will certainly make little money, because it can be long to build a portfolio of sites and media that can make a significant impact. But by using AdSense on a large number of platforms, you can easily reach $ 180 in monthly revenue, and even more.

Prepare for Google AdSense

As mentioned earlier, you must already have a website or YouTube channel with content to apply to Google AdSense. If you do not have one right now, it does not matter. Acquiring a blog or other type of media ready for Google AdSense is relatively simple. This guide will explain some ways to do this.

Option 1: Create a BlogSpot Blog.

BlogSpot is a platform for creating and hosting blogs for free and easily. Google has the BlogSpot, so it’s easy to integrate Google AdSense ads into your design. Even if you have no experience in website creation, you can start your BlogSpot blog in 10 minutes. This method is also recommended for all those who have no know-how on the creation of web pages.

Here are some tips for success on BlogSpot:

1. Find a niche.

You must choose a specific subject for your blog. It can be something that interests you from fashion to technology to finance and cooking. Once you have chosen your subject, write a few articles. Make at least 400 words and illustrate them. The BlogSpot Content Editor makes creating articles relatively easy.

2. Choose your domain name carefully.

BlogSpot allows you to choose the name of your blog, you will have to choose one that is related to the subject you will approach, easy to pronounce and easily remember.

3. Switch to a more advanced Template.

BlogSpot offers lots of free and simple templates; however, if you really want your site to stand out and encourage clicks, it’s better to use a more advanced third-party template. There are hundreds available for free on the net.

4. Have these two essential pages

All BlogSpot blogs must have an About Us page and a Contact page. Including these pages gives you legitimacy and allows more visibility on the search engines.

Option 2: Create a WordPress blog.

If you have a little more experience in creating websites and blogs, using a WordPress site with Google AdSense is perhaps the ideal solution for you. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, and almost a quarter of the sites in the world are made with WordPress.

WordPress is slightly more complex than Blogger, so we recommend it to more experienced people. The site gives you access to more free templates, as well as add-ons and more advanced tools that allow you to add a lot of features and customize your website.

There are many good online tutorials that can help you use WordPress. If you are very computer savvy, you should be able to learn on the job because the use is intuitive, and many dialogs guide you through the creation process.

Option 3: Create a YouTube channel

Even if you do not like writing, you can still earn money with Google AdSense. YouTube makes this possible by displaying Google ads in banner videos. You can make videos on a lot of topics, this includes:

  • Reviews of products or services
  • Reviews of movies or series
  • Animation videos
  • Music videos
  • Educational videos
  • Video blogging
  • Humorous videos
  • Tutorials and videos “How to”
  • Video game walkthroughs
  • Performance videos (travels, circus arts, freestyle football)

Once you’ve found your niche, you’ll be ready to use YouTube. You will need to create an account and start your own channel. All this is free. You can record videos with your smartphone or webcam, if you use your computer, programs like Camtasia let you record your screen.

Before applying for Google Adsense, you must have uploaded at least 5 or 10 videos. The quality of the videos matters. You can not just upload 10 videos of a few seconds and hope to be accepted. Once your videos are online, wait about a week before applying.

Once you have content online

The hardest factor to induce started with Google AdSense is to line up your content on-line. Once done, the remainder is comparatively easy. Before going any more, it is important to understand that Google AdSense is selective regarding the kinds of content it approves. If your website is 0.5 finished, has very little content or poor quality, you may not be approved. you need to prove that your YouTube website or channel is efficacious to your audience. make certain you’ve got the proper content before applying to avoid the trouble and frustration of a refusal. Once you are certain your journal, your website or channel is nice enough and can in all probability interest Google, you are able to take consecutive step!

Submit your application to AdSense

When you’re happy with your content, apply for a Google AdSense account. To do this, visit the Google AdSense site and fill out the form. Make sure you take your time and answer all the questions correctly.

Once your application for AdSense is submitted, wait a number of days for Google to work out whether or not they settle for you or not. If you are approved, you will be ready to begin mistreatment AdSense at once. Otherwise, don’t get discouraged, typically you’ve got to use many times before being approved. merely apply the changes needed by Google and re-apply. you’ll be able t} notice on-line plenty of content explaining what can push Google to refuse associate degree application.

Once you have your Google AdSense account approved

Once you receive Google’s email explaining that your AdSense is approved, you can not sit back and wait for the money to arrive alone! You’ll have to continue to enrich your content if you want to increase your AdSense revenue.

The first thing to do is to install Google AdSense on your blog, website or YouTube channel. The method is different depending on the type of platform you are using. You can read the online help for your platform or find information on the net for step-by-step instructions on how to install AdSense.

Once Google AdSense is put in, you may ought to wait between twenty four and forty eight hours for your ads to start out running on your web site. Once the ads square measure visible, you’re able to begin promoting your web site. you’ll be able to use alternative people’s social networks, newsgroups, or blogs, furthermore as alternatives to drive traffic to your web site. keep in mind that to create cash with AdSense, individual sought to click on the ads, and you would like traffic on your page to urge the possibility that it works.

In time, you will need to continue to produce good quality content to keep your audience and your chances of clicks. Set a goal and maintain a regular pace of publication, for example every week and as soon as your schedule allows. Whenever you publish something, think about promoting it too. And you will see little by little your Google AdSense revenue become more and more important.

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