Earn money with Amazon – How do I find the right product?

Earn money with Amazon – How do I find the right product?

Making money online – ideally by the way (called passive income) – is a desirable goal that many have. Of course it’s not that easy.

First of all, it needs an idea and then it has to be implemented. In addition, the competition should not be too big, so the cake remains as large a piece as possible.

And so you look for a niche , so a topic in which the demand of customers is not yet sufficiently satisfied. Ideally, you start with things that interest you or that you know very well about yourself.

This can be a particular hobby or a sport. You can also pick up on current trends, but there is always the danger that they will disappear again after a few months from the people’s minds. Then you have laboriously built up a website and marketed, earned some money – and must start all over again.

A lot of money is paid mainly in the areas of insurance , finance or online casino . But there are also numerous competitors here. You can try it anyway to earn money.

Find the right product

That’s why it’s worth investing enough time in finding a topic and using sources of inspiration. This includes Amazon.

The Amazon Partner Set can make money from someone who comes to Amazon from a web page via a banner or link.

The website operator then receives a commission from Amazon, the so-called advertising cost reimbursement. The amount depends on the product category – for televisions or smartphones it is one percent of the purchase price, for clothing, for example, ten percent. Most products fall in the range of five to seven percent and are the better choice.

Ideal are products with a retail price of 30 to 300 Dollar. Why not 1,000
Dollar ? Well, that’s a lot of money and people are thinking back and forth, whether they really buy or not. Since a cookie is stored on Amazon but only 24 hours, you earn as a partner in the purchase of nothing, if this is done later. Similarly, cheaper products make no sense, because then the commission is too low.

Above all, Amazon is so interesting because people often do not just buy one thing. If you have a website about musical instruments and someone buys a recorder through an affiliate link on Amazon, they may also buy music books, a book, or something completely different. Even if you had not advertised these products – there is still provision. There can be a lot of things together.

Amazon bestseller as inspiration

Now there are over 150 million products on amazon.com. Most of them are going to sell badly, but there are some top sellers as well.

In each category, Amazon lists its bestsellers. The deeper you go (subcategories), the more “niche” the topics will be, but there are also some delicacies that can be used to earn money .

To filter out the best, you should take a look at the reviews. A three-digit number in recent years speaks for a product, only a few ratings rather not. In addition, the Sales Rank reveals how well a product sells in its category compared to others and since when it is available on Amazon.

If you have found some promising products, find out how much it really is. For example, you can use the Google Keyword Planner . He is doubly helpful: On the one hand, he reveals how often a term is searched for on Google, and on the other, it can also be used to find long-tail keywords. These are needed for creating your own website.

Wanted or shopkeeper?

The more often you search for a word, the better. It should at least be 100 searches per month. However, the number must be set in relation to the number of web pages that appear on Google for this term in the search results.

If only 10,000, that’s great. If it’s ten million, the competition is simply too big. This research should not only be done with the actual product name. The Google Keyword Tool also spits out keyword ideas, words and word combinations around the actual search term. Again, the numbers should be compared.

If you invest a lot of time and effort in this basic work, you will surely find one or the other topic, with which you can soon earn three-digit amounts per month. Of course, there are other affiliate programs besides Amazon that pay commissions for brokered customers and purchases. Here affiliate networks are suitable as a research tool.

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