Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising

With Facebook advertising , you have the opportunity to get your message exposed to exactly the target audience that it is interesting for – and it creates more business for you. Here’s how we can help you sell more through the world’s leading social media.

The organic reach of Facebook is declining and there is probably a race to the bottom. But how are you going to take advantage of the many opportunities Facebook has? How do you ensure that your brilliant content reaches the people who need to buy your specific product, download your app, book a meeting with you, sign up for your newsletter or just read your news? You do this through effective Facebook Advertising, and with us you get the right sparring partner to succeed through Facebook.

What are your options?

You could be cheeky and ask what are your limitations? The possibilities on Facebook are really many, so it’s all about what exactly you and your business want to achieve?

With Facebook advertising you have the opportunity to:

  • Sell ​​more products in your shop
  • Get many more leads to work with
  • Get more visitors to your site
  • More newsletter recipients
  • Influence users’ buying process
  • Increase awareness of your brand

And yes … The possibilities are many, many more, because it basically depends on what you know about your target audience and what you want to achieve – And we can help you with it all. Facebook experts are a term used interchangeably, but with almost 8 years of experience, we have been around ever since Facebook Ads was introduced.

What does it take for you and your business?

First of all, there is the most basic thing that needs to be in place. You need to work with Facebook Business Manager and you must have collected your facebook or facebook pages, your ad accounts and maybe your product catalog there. In addition, you must have a Facebook Pixel set up on your site. The Facebook Pixel allows us to measure our efforts, provides insightful user behavior data, and then allows us to work with data audiences with audiences. Of course, when we start advertising, we need a goal, some graphics (we can help with that), textual content and a place we can direct users. More is not needed.

Your customer insights – our skills – share success

Facebook advertising is first and foremost about having a deep insight into the users you want to communicate with, and then creating the right content and ad setup for just these. That’s why working with Facebook advertising at Bondtofte & Co is always a matter of sparring, where, based on your knowledge of your customers, we map out the best way to get them talking.

So what we want to offer you always depends on what you need. For your unique business, and your unique customers, requires unique promotions. Here are a few examples:

  • If you need to remind previous visitors of your product, we must have implemented Facebook retargeting ads.
  • If you need more customers in your webshop, we need to set up dynamic product advertising where your inventory is presented directly in the users feed.
  • Do you need more revenue, can we look at sales to existing customers or maybe go in the market for new customers? We can do that with Look-alike audiences and dynamic product ads.
  • If you are launching a new product to an already well-known audience, it could make sense with a Canvas Ad followed by lead ads.

B2C or B2B? Both options actually…

Good Facebook advertising works on all people, all products and all professional groups. Yet we often hear customers questioning whether Facebook advertising will work for B2B. The mere fact that works in B2C should be enough answers, as the ads in the users’ feed reflect their interests as human beings, and with so many Danes on Facebook, we dare promise that your B2B customers and decision makers are also on Facebook. Therefore, it is an obvious opportunity to influence the purchasing or decision-making process both on and off work.

Facebook advertising is push marketing

Users on Facebook are not necessarily in buying mode when using the medium. In fact, many view Facebook as a personal venue and many become annoyed at the many ads. You have probably seen ads that were by no means relevant to you and this is an annoyance for many. This is also why it is so important to segment and target your ads as accurately as possible. Otherwise, as an advertiser, you can very easily become the disruptive and annoying element on Facebook and it has the opposite effect of effective and targeted advertising.

Advertising on Facebook is what is called push marketing, we try to show users something we would like to sell them, but it is not the users themselves who demand these ads. The exact opposite scenario, we find with paid advertising in search engines, which is what we call pull marketing, here the users demand a service or a product and therefore they are much more targeted and interested in what is presented to them after all, even asked for it!

So you can divide it up so that the search engines are about being present when users are missing something and ready to buy, while with Facebook advertising it is about knowing what users need and then offering .

However, this does not in any way mean that you cannot succeed with paid advertising on Facebook – on the contrary. If a user is exposed to an ad that is targeted to the individual and thus relevant to him, they will not find the ad annoying, but rather interesting. If segmentation and messaging are top notch, a lot of users exposed to the ad will choose to click on it and then there is not much to sell. If sales are missed for the first time, we have the opportunity to expose users to this again, namely through retargeting.

The various advertising options

On Facebook, there are many different types of advertising opportunities and that is exactly what makes Facebook interesting for those of us who work with marketing.

It is possible to advertise in news feeds, as well as in the right corner of Facebook. This can both happen through regular ads, but it can also be done through sponsored posts, such as posts you posted on your site, then booster. It is also possible to advertise with video ads that automatically start on the user’s wall.

Segmentation options

Facebook’s biggest force, as I said, is their segmentation capabilities. There are a variety of options that are briefly reviewed below. Segmentation is the key to success on Facebook.

Look-a-like audiences

With Look a-like audiences, you can create an audience based on the likes of your Facebook page, statistically, that audience will be more likely to like the same things and have the same interests as your Facebook page followers.

Audiences defined by Google Analytics

It has become possible to gain a much deeper insight into one’s target groups, through Google Analytics and this has made Google Analytics a fantastic tool for defining target groups for one’s Facebook ads. Here it is possible to find, gender, age, demographics etc. In other words, there is really very useful data in your existing Analytics data that you can use in your Facebook marketing.

Retargeting (Remarketing on Facebook)

One of the most effective forms of advertising on Facebook is arguably retargeting. With  Facebook retargeting  , through a pixel placed on the user’s computer, it is possible to target specific ads to these users on Facebook. For example, you could show them the products they have previously shown interest in on your website.

There are many retargeting options, but among the most used ones you will find:

The ones who have visited your website – which is very wide

Those who have visited specific pages of your website – which is an important target audience

Those who have visited but not bought – Remind them of their intention.

Those who have visited and bought – loyalty – remind them to buy again

Custom audiences

Custom audiences is another great advertising opportunity on Facebook. Custom audiences are created either via the previously mentioned pixel and website visit, or data you have yourself. If you have lists of your customers lying around, such as e-mail addresses from a newsletter database, or telephone numbers, you can use these lists to target ads exclusively to these people! This means, in fact, that you can target very precisely, on the people who have already given you permission, to make contact. Such an audience is far more likely to find your ads interesting. In addition, this can mean tailoring specific messages to this group. Working with Custom Audiences is essential to the success of Facebook Advertising – and you can find our full guide to it right here.

Own definition of target groups

The classic advertising option on Facebook is advertising based on specific target groups, which you define yourself through Facebook’s advertising segmentation possibilities, where you can target age, interests, life events, politics, pages that are followed, etc.

Drop boost of posting

Once you have posted a post on your Facebook page, you can choose to boost it so that it hits more users, this also becomes an advertising tool as you can reach out further than to your own followers. In the past, this was basically done with scattering, and it was impossible to control who received your message. In the boost function you can now also work with target groups so that you only hit the ones you want. But the boost function is used without aim, without purpose and often for the sole purpose of reaching more people. Whoever hits it often doesn’t matter, and it’s really a shame. So drop the boost button and ask us for advice – we will find the right targeting for your content.

Ready for success with Facebook? Let’s help…

Let’s be honest – Your business also has a huge unlocked potential over Facebook, and you probably need a little help to get ahead, and we’d love to help.

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