Haldiram’s becomes India’s biggest snack maker by beat Pepsico

HadiramHaldiram, the country’s topmost snack company, has re-established its name over two decades later. On completion of the year, Haldiram made a profit of Rs 4224.8 crore, while on the other hand, PepsiCo, a company of Haldiram’s competitor Lias, Kurukure and Uncle Chips, made a profit of Rs 3,990 crore.

Under Nielsen’s data, PepsiCo deposited 3617 million a year ago and Haldiram collected Rs 3262 crore, according to which Haldiram had left behind PepsiCo. Let me tell you that the biggest reason for Haldiram’s rise to the top is the rise in the market.

This time there has been an increase of 17% in the market, which has resulted in a 30% increase in Haldiram’s market.

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