How to choose good titles for your digital eBooks

How to choose good titles for your digital eBooks

How to choose good title.

Writing good titles of books or headlines for any other type of content is an art. A good title is a key to getting reader to hold on your ebook or dowload ebooks.

Even the most striking and attractive writings respond to a certain scheme, and the effect they cause on the reader can be replicated following a series of guidelines.

If what you want is to title a downloadable ebooks for users to leave your lead, you will need to apply advertising writing techniques.

With an accurate technique to write texts with a hook or, what is the same, with a good use of creative copy writing, you get more readers and give a touch of professionalism and interest to what you write.

Therefore, in this article I am going to give you some of my keys to write good titles for digital books or ebooks or pdf ebooks . Follow me!

How to write good headlines for your eBooks?

Many digital professionals use resources to capture leads such as ebooks, so you have probably seen dozens of them on social networks and you have even received one in a newsletter.

This fact makes the complexity of capturing the attention of users multiply. The positive part is that not all books have the best headlines, is not it?

When it comes to the truth, you have to know how to write headlines or content to reach the target audience, regardless of how many people your competition attracts. Let me tell you how.

Initial ideas and considerations

Only a few rare exceptions, when mistakes are made with a humorous or design purpose, can have a consistent justification.

If you want to start testing your skills to write original titles , these are some key ideas that work for me to get many downloads of my ebooks and my clients:

  • Include an offer or solution to a problem.
  • Make a great promise or an attractive offer.
  • Ask a question.
  • Include an educational style like “How to do something.”
  • Write a provocative title to get attention.
  • Make a statement or statement that may be slightly offensive.
  • Use words that intrigue or arouse curiosity.
  • Use word games.

Types of titles for books or eBooks

That so many brands opt for downloadable formats in their content strategies, implies that the titles need to respond to marketing criteria rather than literary criteria.

Following that principle, we can classify the types of book titles into three main categories:

  • The one that appeals to emotions.
  • The one that generates curiosity immediately.
  • The one that is striking for the different.

A title can be good only with one of these three characteristics, but often it is groundbreaking when it gathers all three simultaneously.

Of course, do not apply all types to force, only if the subject requires it and can be done naturally.

Examples of book titles that will inspire you

Over time, and forgetting for a moment the digital ebooks that concern us in this article, we can look at the most read books in recent times:

  • The Bible
  • The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quijote of La Mancha
  • One hundred years of loneliness
  • The little Prince

These are titles of books that have survived the passage of time for the quality of the interior and its popularity, and not so much for the creativity of its owners.

However, if we look at the most popular readings in the most recent news, books like:

  • The power of Now
  • Hard dogs do not dance
  • Transform your health

Do you see the trend? All of them are much more attractive titles and aimed at capturing the reader’s attention.

If this happens in the narrative, imagine how important it is to write a good title for your digital ebook. With some examples, everything may be clearer:

“Everything you need for your SME to succeed”

This title has seemed very interesting for the simplicity with which you create a need. Quickly the title of the book is telling us that our company can go better, and with your reader we will find the keys to improve.

It gives you a solution to a problem that you might already have present or not, but if you have an SME you will undoubtedly want to put into practice.

“From Instagram to the sky”

This ebook title is focused on the use of Instagram in a very practical way, but it can be unattractive if you are not interested in this particular topic.

This way of summarizing the theme of a book, with a concise headline that goes almost unnoticed, pursues the goal of directing attention and curiosity towards its content.

“How to be the best Community Manager”

This title appeals to emotions, and also generates some curiosity, because it shows an educational content that responds to one of the eternal questions in digital marketing, while launching a tempting promise; reading the book you will become “the best”.

With only 6 words, this example of title for educational book, uses several of the ideas we have seen before, combining them to generate expectation.


It is often said that you should not judge a book by its cover, speaking literally and metaphorically. However, it is clear that although we do not have to judge it that way, the title will be decisive to attract us or not.

Finding a way to summarize the message of a book or ebook in its entirety is a complex task. More to do it in an attractive way.

In this post, I have given you some practical tips and examples of headlines used in some of the most read and / or downloaded books of today, so you have more resources to inspire and activate the creativity you need.

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