How to make better SEO Content with the help of SEMrush

How to make better SEO Content with the help of SEMrush

If you want your website to achieve good visibility and thus attract online traffic to achieve your goals, you need to use quality tools and applications to help you achieve it.

SEMrush is an indispensable SEO tool to have control of your page and your positioning objectives. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular today, and that reputation is deserved by the amount of quality information it provides.

This tool is very complete, also using its free version. It is also very easy to use even if you do not have much knowledge about SEO ;-).

How to analyze your positioning with SEMrush

One of the things we like to use most of SEMrush is that it allows us to easily analyze any type of domain and also any type of information online.

On the one hand, you can analyze both your website and other pages that interest you. And, on the other hand, it gives you information about who is positioning your content for the same keywords that you and what are your results.

Knowing well the sector, the competition and how everything evolves around your business is key if you want to achieve your goals. In this sense, SEMrush helps you with your main report, which you can request from any web page.

➽ SEMrush  main report

In this report you will find super valuable information. You simply have to enter the URL you want to analyze in the upper search box, and the tool itself will offer you all this information:

  • Organic searches : In addition to giving you information about the traffic a website receives, specify in what keywords have been used to get to that page and its ranking in the Google search results.
  • Payment traffic : It shows you the traffic received through paid campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Inbound links : This information is especially relevant for those who have a strong link building strategy or are starting to think about it. It gives you information about all the incoming links to the website and where they come from.
  • Display advertising : Finally, this part of the general report allows you to know which display ads are being published from the website you analyze, and how these ads are.

5 Essential tricks to take advantage of SEMrush

In addition to that first report, which is essential within this tool, there are some tricks that we ourselves use when we want to study the SEO positioning of Creative Design and the sector in general.

To do this, you must know the characteristics of this tool, which go beyond the main report and that will give you very valuable data.

➽ Domain vs. domain

Using this option you will be able to compare up to five different domains being able to get key information without having to develop your own reports with all the data of the main report.

It allows you to save a lot of time when you want to analyze the competition, and the information gives it to you in a very graphic and simple way.

➽ Topic Research

An essential feature to know what content is what really generates engagement among users of your online community.

Reading well the data that this report offers will help you to know which topics are those that interest your readers, which generate more debate, or if they really help to activate your online community.

➽ CPC Map

The report offered by this section of SEMrush is very interesting especially for local businesses. It allows you to know the geographical areas that have a higher cost for clicks for certain keywords in online advertising campaigns.

This way you will be able to focus much better your ads in Google Ads, making every cent worthwhile and studying which areas may have more interest, in which it is worth investing, etc.

➽ SEMrush filters

This is not a report like the previous ones, but a feature that you will find in all of them and that allows you to fine-tune the segmentation of the information you are looking for.

Think that SEMrush gives you the raw information of all your web traffic, for example. But maybe you’re interested in knowing exactly how many conversions there are for a specific audience, which is the one that actually invests money in your product or service. These filters will allow you to refine the search much more.

➽ Keywords Magic Tool

This last trick is great for when you get stuck with the editorial calendar. Using Keywords Magic Tool you can know dozens of keyword suggestions around a topic that you request.

It offers many ideas that are really interesting for users and that you can use for the contents of your blog. Remember that, when including keywords, you should always think about writing naturally .


The use of this type of tools offers several advantages. On the one hand, it is clear that it offers quality information that can otherwise be difficult to obtain. But it also allows you to save a lot of time and effort, creating visual reports and very useful to boost your business.

In particular, it helps us to maintain and improve the positioning of our content on Google, and to know the trends that interest users who access our website.

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