How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

These day every thing is online and everyone wants to make money online. Is the household budget ever tight, should the next holiday be financed? Both online and offline, there are ways to quick make money online. We have selected 50 tips for you that will help you Make money online or offline relatively quickly.

Make money online quickly

1. Paid online surveys

On the Internet make money online is simple, research institutes and survey service providers offer surveys , the participation of which is remunerated. The surveys are conducted directly on the Internet and usually do not last long.

The remuneration varies depending on the provider. Sometimes, however, up to 25 $ are possible. The money is available on your own account or in the form of vouchers .

2. Become a product tester

Companies are looking for volunteer product testers to test and then evaluate products.

This is usually not connected with a monetary payment , but you get the respective products for free and can perhaps negotiate an additional coupon. 
Even if you do not like the products, you could sell them and make money online.

3. Run a blog and make money online

Blogs as well as websites can be monetized in different ways and make money online. The better known the blog and the more visitors it reaches, the higher the later revenue and make money online.
The blog becomes especially lucrative when companies pay for a contribution. Often, this does not even have to be written by yourself. Such a paid contribution, depending on the size of the blog quite a 20 to several hundred dollars.
Otherwise, it is also possible to turn on the blog banner ads or affiliate programs . Even paid links to other blogs are conceivable when webmasters are ready to pay for this backlink. By this you can make money online.

4. Distribute products through our own online shop and make money online

The e-commerce market is flourishing, so more and more retailers outsource at least parts of their business to the internet and make money online. But in no case only large dealers have a chance, because who wants to open a shop with their own products, can do so now without further technical knowledge.
In the shop, for example, it would be possible to distribute DIY products from our own production. The shop will be all the more profitable if a firm customer base already exists, which generates turnover again and again. The earning potential is thus open to the top 
and make money online .

5. Create your own website

The classic in the net is the own website. Visitors to these can be monetized, for example, by displaying banner ads or by incorporating redirects to affiliate programs .

The more visitors are reached, the higher the revenue and more you make money online. The website is particularly suitable as a long-term additional income , but it takes time longer to equip them with unique content and market.

6. Write texts

Who mastered spelling and grammar and brings the necessary creativity, can write for companies and self-employed in the network texts .
These are for example product descriptions or SEO texts . Usually paid per word, with laymen and beginners are so 0.7 to 1 cent per word possible. How much you make money online in total depends on both the order situation and your own writing speed .

7. Translate texts

If you have a good command of at least two languages , you can translate existing texts from one language to the other language.

The need for translations is almost always present in companies, and there are especially good chances for people who can speak a language that is less common in Germany. Anyone who can only translate between English and German, however, must fear many competitors.

8. Take on design tasks

Those who can handle Photoshop and other graphics programs, for example, could participate in so-called design competitions. Here, clients write their wishes, while designers provide designs in return. The draft used is often a three-digit amount in compensation.

Paid Design Task Platform:

9. Sell photos

So-called “stockphotos” are images that are sold on platforms . They are bought by companies that require specific pictures of selected situations or people for their website , but do not want to tinker with them themselves.

If you have a good camera and the necessary photographic talent, you can sell your own pictures as such stockphotos  and earn money. This goes through selected platforms, which usually forward around 20 to 43 percent of the revenue generated to the photographer.
Per picture, this corresponds to a few cents to a few euros , but the mass of sales could generate a good additional income.

Paid Photos Platform:

10. Do Microjobs with your smartphone

Microjobs are small tasks that can be used to bridge the train or wait for a doctor. Most of them are associated with regional tasks.
A task could be that the opening times in a restaurant are to be photographed or the telephone numbers are checked by doctors. Such small tasks are then paid by the platforms with a few euros.
Since they are very light and do not require any experience or specific expertise, such micro-tasks are suitable for anyone who wants to invest some time for additional pocket money .

11. Become a usability tester

The same principle works not only in apps on the smartphone, but also in the browser. 

We are still looking for authentic reviews / recessions from clients. A large additional income is thus not possible, but these micro-tasks are easy and can be done at home desk .

12. Make money with paid mails

Paidmailer are services that pay for the receipt and reading of e-mails with a small amount. This usually moves under one euro, but it is not a big hurdle, if advertising in its own mailbox does not bother.

If you do not want to “clog up” your actual mail account, you could create a separate e-mail address for it. It is important in the course of this only that the mails are read. Sometimes the Paidmailer still requires that a secondary link must be clicked .

13. Received money for internet surfing

One of the ways to make money online quickly is paid browsing . For this purpose, a browser plug-in or an extension must be installed, which then checks the surfing behavior on the PC or laptop.

For used websites, there is a small cent amount, which should add up with regular browsing but at least to a small additional income.
Usually, the plugin provides additional advertising , and so-called “AdBlocker” must of course be issued. A possibility for those who like to discover new pages on the Internet and do not shy away from advertising.

14. Test browser games

Making money easily while playing games? This top tip is true, because as a game tester can earn money.

Most browser games or slot machines that are later used in online casinos are tested . Before these games are marketed and thus go into “mass production”, they have to be tested on different criteria. These include bugs, the fun of playing or, if necessary, the translation of the texts.

At the end of a test then a conclusion must be transmitted to the provider, where the strengths and weaknesses are, whether errors have been found or what is necessarily improved.

15. Turn YouTube Videos

The biggest and best known creators earn millions of dollars, but have built their subscribers and viewers over the years, sometimes providing them with interesting content every day.

But smaller creators can also earn money, because with each video on YouTube can optionally display ads . Part of the merit then receives the “Content Creator”.

Who stays on the ball and continues to upload videos, builds up its subscriber base and monetizes videos , earned with the help of YouTube quite a hefty sum – around 1,000 clicks are rewarded with about $1-$5 .

16. Become a streamer on Twitch

If you prefer live entertainment, you can  do it on Twitch . This is the largest streaming gaming platform in the world.

For example, these streamers earn money from their subscribers, with each subscriber earning around $ 2 to $ 2.5 a month. In addition, you could still make money on “donations” or “donations” , if your own viewers are really willing to submit such donations for the live stream.

But there is also a catch here: If you want a lot of spectators, you have to either be very good in the game or be entertained in another way .

17. Write ebooks

Those who have specific expertise in a selected field could, for example, market this via their own e-books. Since these do not have to be printed, no initial investment is necessary.

The amount to be achieved with each e-book sold may be determined on its own authority. That can be 1 to 25 euros, the length and quality of course plays a key role. The marketing could take place via its own website or via social channels.

18. Invest in cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Elastos, Jibrel and Co .: There are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies traded 24/7 a day. Especially with early Bitcoin investors, its share price has long since caused them to become millionaires.

Anyone who has some money and wants to invest , can exchange his euros for such cryptocurrencies. Daytrading would be profitable immediately if you can “read” the market well.

The earning potential depends on your own trading skills, the right investments and the course price .

19. Daytrading on classic markets

Just as cryptocurrencies can be traded, traditional stocks, funds and derivatives can also be traded online. Depots are opened for this purpose, where they then speculate with their own money. Daytrading is about making short-term profits, that is, setting higher prices.

If you are more experienced, you can also use margin trading to place “short” or “long” bets on the price . Everyone should be aware that with Daytrading very quickly very much money can be earned , but you should also bring the necessary knowledge about the markets. Otherwise, a total loss of your own investment may be in the room.

20. Buy domains and sell again later

The domain trading flourished especially in the turn of the millennium, but here you can still make a lot of money. The freely available domains cost only a few dollar a year, if a buyer who wants to buy these domains out of their own possession, strong returns are possible because that domain is related to his business and he also want to make money online.

Particularly popular domains for popular search terms are sometimes handed over to new owners for four-, five- or six-digit amounts. Whether or not money is earned depends on the quality of the previously acquired domains and the associated demand.

21. Sell used items on eBay

The Internet is a huge market place where old things are constantly finding a new owner and thus buyers and you can make money online with the help of ebay. Who has anyway a lot of old, but still in good condition received things in cupboards and chests of drawers can sell these over market places.

For this eBay recommends itself , the more local eBay classifieds , clothing gadgets for clothing. How much is earned depends on the items sold. But it’s better than throwing it away.

22. Resell Reduced Amazon Prime Day Products

Likewise, Amazon Prime Day is recommended to look specifically for bargains. If you buy cheap here, you can resell the same items later with a profit margin.

23. Affiliate Marketing

Another possibility that works for your own website as well as social networks and Co. By promoting an Affiliate Program,advertisers receive commission for each successfully brokered client, based, for example, on the revenue they generate.

With successful affiliate marketing can build your own online business with permanent income and you can make money online, the earning potential is also up here. It is also advantageous at this point that the affiliate programs usually already provide all advertising materials and Co.

24. Offer your own strengths on eBay classifieds

A helping hand is always needed once. For example, those who are particularly familiar with computers could  offer a repairservice. The same applies to any other activity in which special knowledge exists.

EBay Ads allows you to create ads for every possible help. How well these can be made into money depends above all on the respective expertise and  the demand. Anyone who wants to earn money with it, but in the long term has to think about a business registration , so that tax is also all right.

25. Advertise friends for shops and Co.

Anyone who already has an account with a dealer, service provider or another site should always look for a friend-recruit program .

If family members, colleagues or friends are recruited, there is usually a bonus . It is also important to pay attention to certain clauses. Many traders exclude, for example, recruited persons from their own household , so that the partner or the children can not be “recruited”.

Make money fast offline! These 25 top tips help!

26. Donate blood and plasma

Make quick money donate blood

© Shutterstock – Abscent

Paid blood and plasma donations are by no means only used by students. Irrespective of their job status, donations are recommended for those who wish to have regular blood tests on the one hand and on the other hand want to do something good for people in need.

Of course you should not bring fear of needles or blood, as well as a strong circulation is recommended. The whole blood donation is remunerated with most organizations with approximately 15 to 25 $ per donation, the plasma donation brings about 25 to 40  .

Whether one is suitable for this is checked in advance in an examination in the institution.

27. Take out newspapers

The classic for all students , but also  students or adults fall back on it. With the newspapers  a small walk can be combined with an attractive extra income.

Disadvantage is that you have to get up early, even if the weather is unpleasant outside. How much is earned depends largely on the newspaper (or advertisement) that is being delivered.

28. Selling stuff at the flea market

Even in times of the Internet flea markets are still very popular, especially in big cities they have even reached a cult status. On big flea markets you can actually get rid of everything.

Possible items are, for example, old DVDs, video games, figures and collectibles, smaller accessories or entire pieces of furniture. Some work is the whole venture nevertheless. Because it requires a registration of the state, construction and transport of the article.

29. Secondhand shop as a source of income

It is much less complicated when it comes to clothing because it could be taken to a second-hand shop. The fee is sometimes lower than if you sell all things separately on the Internet. But you are right but “in one fell swoop” going on.

Secondhand shops usually have different styles, due to their usual clientele, which is why they sometimes do not take every garment. The quality of clothing is a key factor.

30. Become a mystery shopper

Anyone who likes to travel and / or shop anyway, could try as a secret buyer. These are mystery shoppers who are hired by companies to check their own outlets.

As a mystery shopper, the friendliness of the staff is checked or looked to see if the store is tidy and well maintained. The results are recorded in a comprehensive report and sent back to the client. For such a mystery shopping tour, there is a fee and of course a refund of possible purchases.

31. Be paid for the celebration

This tip is for foreign students. The trend is widespread among others in China. In demand are people with a European look. They are mostly young people who are booked by organizers  to appear at events or in clubs . If many Western Europeans are in the club or in the bar, this seems to be good and hip. One hundred euros per evening as compensation are not uncommon. You can sign up at model agencies on site.

32. Make money as a pet sitter

Animal care are other ways for an attractive extra income. Animals are kept and looked after when their owners have to go on vacation or on business. Perfect for those who like animals. The remuneration is negotiated.

33. Make money as a domestic help

Not everyone has the time to keep the household  in order . Such people do not necessarily resort to a professional cleaning lady, but look instead for people who take over the tasks for a side income.

The earnings are also negotiated privately here. It is expected to be around 10 dollar per hour . There is no travel package, so you should look around in the immediate vicinity.

34. Be paid for senior care

In old age, a purchase can barely manage independently. Too far the roads, too heavy the shopping bags. If you want to help the elderly, you can act as a shopping guide. Either then enters the purchase together with the retiree or retired at or it is processed independently a shopping list.

35. Make money quickly as a babysitter

Quick money making babysitters

© shutterstock – tynyuk

Babies or toddlers is probably the oldest part-time job for students in the world. If the parents would like to take a breather, the  babysitter will come in .
For babysitters it is also important that the chemistry between the parents, the babysitter and of course the child is right. A responsible job, which is usually well paid by the parents, with about 10 Dollar per hour .

36. Sell gold jewelry

Precious metals such as gold and silver have always been stable assets. Anyone who has stowed enough old, unused jewelry in dressers and caskets, could sell this to retailers.

Everybody should be careful when choosing the gold buyer. The best way to inform yourself in advance in the Internet based on independent reviews and sell you jewelry and make money online.

37. Offer carpooling

Car sharing is the “secret recipe” in which driving a car can still make quick money. More and more people are avoiding the journey by car or train, because instead they prefer to ride a car .

If you would like to travel a long distance anyway, you could pre-book it on the Internet, including the date and time . Theoretically, any free seat in the car can be filled with the help of such riders.

The prices are best based on already existing offers. Upside could be deviated, if passengers in a large, comfortable or even luxury cars may ride. By blablacare you getting a company along with you make money online by giving a ride.

Ride-sharing platform:

38. Sell day or week tickets that are no longer needed

Especially abroad, it is common practice that weekly and day tickets are sold directly to the station by private individuals.

Of course, this is not a permanent extra income , but you can get back some money, for example, if a weekly ticket was only used for two days and is no longer needed. How high the price should be depends on how many days (or hours) are left on the ticket.

39. Rent your own vehicle

For car owners, a car is sometimes quite expensive, ranging from the maintenance costs to the necessary insurance. These costs are incurred even if the vehicle is no longer needed or at least for a few weeks and months.

It is possible then to rent the vehicle to others , in a sense as a freely available car. Once this is done, the rental could cost a three digit amount a month.

40. Offer apartment or room at Airbnb

Temporary living space is very popular, especially in big cities. Similar to the “car sharing”, has in recent years also the “Home Sharing” established itself as a new trend.

More and more people are therefore inclined to rent unneeded housing through AirBnB . Interested parties prefer the option, as it is much cheaper than a hotel.

So if you have housing that is currently no longer needed, you can sublet it. In a house this is not a problem, in a rental apartment , the attunement must first be obtained from the landlord.

Depending on the location, size and attractiveness of the offer, the earning potential is quite different. When Couch surfing is usually a few euros, but who rented a flat or a free room , can quite a triple-digit amount a month thus achieve.

Platform for apartment or room rental:

41. becoming a medical subject

A lucrative tip that can be quite four-digit amounts per study can be achieved. Medical subjects make their bodies available to doctors and scientists, for example, to test new drugs.

Absolutely harmless that is of course not. On the other hand, doctors do not test blindly on humans, but always under medical supervision. Those who are willing to do so must apply for clinical trials at research institutes , in hospitals or at universities . In most cases, subjects have to meet very specific requirements in order to be short-listed.

42. Sell homemade products

Those who are particularly creative are easily make money online, like to make things or just create things by hand, could sell the finished products . Self-made goods are especially popular among the younger generation and exude their own charm.

How much you can earn depends on the time and material costs . This should cover the sale price at least, all other money is then the profit. Especially popular products can even get a pretty high price.

43. Make money Online quickly as an extra or extra

Be on TV or cinema and feel like the big stars? Small roles as extras or extra make it possible. These are people who act in series and films in the background.

For such jobs one does not need an acting talent , but only some time. Mostly, extras and extras have to spend their entire day on the shoot, and then receive a flat fee for it.

There are between 50 and 300  per shooting day, you have to be flexible in terms of time and place. Some productions are looking for extras on Facebook, but often these are chosen from the file of an agency.

44. Working in the club as “cleaners”

Profitable are in discotheques mostly young people who make sure that not everywhere scattered glasses and bottles. You should bring some muscle power and stamina, because the working conditions under loud music are not for everyone. Usually there are about 8 euros per hour.

45. Be photographed as a hobby photo model

Make Money Fast Model

© Shutterstock – Millena

If you feel comfortable in front of the camera , you could search for interested photographers on various websites or write directly to them. The remuneration is very different . Of course, experienced models can get more. But it is quite possible that only the pictures are transmitted in return.

46. ​​Give tutoring

Special knowledge in school subjects such as German, mathematics or English can be converted into cash. Tutors are always wanted.

So you not only keep yourself in the field fit, but also helps students. In this area is also sought in the long term, which is why the tutoring could develop into permanent extra income . That brings about 10 to 20 euros per hour.

47. Car wrapping with advertising

Become a driving advertising on Germany’s roads: With a foiling of the car is possible. If the look of your car is not so important, you can wrap it over a large area. The contracts for this are usually set at one year and then extended if necessary.

Sometimes it is a prerequisite that a certain number of kilometers per year is covered. Beware of vendors who charge a fee in advance.

48. Distribute flyers

Especially popular with students! If you like being outside, you can ask for a flyer or an information stand in shopping malls or on the street  . Companies keep hiring people to advertise locally .

49. Become a delivery rider or driver

If you have motorbike and smartphone? Then you will make money online. That’s all you need to make some extra money by delivering food or people whenever you’ve got some spare time.

50. Help with relocations

Skilled or talented students, who are able to get a good grip, are always welcome when setting up, assembling or relocating. If you do not want to do a move yourself, look for paid helpers on the Internet .

Similarly, talented craftspeople are often sought by organizers or companies who build something locally and then get paid for this work with a fixed hourly or daily rate. Depending on the severity of the work are between 8 and 15 euros in it.

Make quick money: Conclusion on the tips

These tips should serve as inspiration . Of course, no one is limited to only one of these tips, many can be depending on time and will combine .

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