How to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program

How to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program

Steps to register. Tips to maximize your income with your Amazon affiliation program

It’s no secret: Amazon is a pioneer in e-books and the expansion of opportunities for independent authors. But Amazon has also redefined and led the concepts of online affiliate marketing.

Amazon, in 1996, was a small online book business whose office was Jeff Bezos’ garage. With a limited marketing budget, Amazon decided to take advantage of readers’ love for books to help spread this new form of business.

Without spending money on advertising, Amazon began paying commissions to the authors of the ebooks every time a customer bought, thus eliminating the initial costs of marketing.

The Amazon Affiliate program was launched in 1998. Until then it was not easy to make money online. Gradually, Amazon affiliation was changing this. The only problem was that to obtain significant income as an Amazon affiliate it was necessary to sell a ton of books. Fortunately, as Amazon has expanded its product line, earning revenue with the Amazon Affiliate Program has become easier.

Amazon has an endless product catalog and a huge customer database. The commissions are not excessively high, but the credibility of this company and the weight it currently has on the Internet, make its affiliate program a very good option to generate passive income.

Advantages of the Amazon Affiliate program

There are many reasons to join the Amazon Affiliate program and start generating Passive Income:

# Amazon is a reference and builds trust in its customers.
# It’s free. You can join their affiliate program at no cost.
# Its product catalog is endless and grows every day.
# Amazon has many tools to help you sell specific items.
# Your reporting and tracking system is very good.
# You will receive the payments in your bank account.
# Amazon offers very good customer service.
# Money is also earned with the volume of visits, even if the product is not purchased.

Disadvantages of the Amazon Affiliate program

In this life nothing is perfect, Amazon either. We comment some inconveniences:

# The commission is small compared to other affiliate programs. To earn more than 8% you have to have sales exceeding 3,000 units.
# The duration of your cookies is 24 hours. If the product is added to the cart, the cookie amounts to 90 days.
# You cannot email Amazon affiliate links. This rule can be a problem, since it implies an extra effort in SEO and positioning.
# There is no option to pay by PayPal.
# The minimum payment is $ 100.

Sign up for Amazon Affiliates Program

It’s free and easy, here is how to get started in the Amazon Affiliate program:

  1. You must register by visiting Amazon and filling out the forms.
  2. Be sure to read the policies and regulations of the affiliate program. For example, you cannot include Amazon affiliate links in an email.
  3. Choose the products you want to promote. Amazon allows searches based on keyword, ISBNs (for books) and product numbers.
  4. Decide how you are going to promote the products you have chosen. Amazon provides advertising scripts to use on blogs or websites.
  5. Generate traffic. To generate passive income with an affiliate program you need your website to have a high volume of visits.
  6. Create content according to the products. If we are selling figures of the Masters of the Universe, we must have articles and content attractive to the public that we want to buy these items.
  7. Choose products that interest you. This will allow you to create better content and make more efforts to get traffic. People want to enter specialized websites, where their favorite products are recommended.
  8. Includes links and photos that link the content you want to promote. Ads are not always effective.

Maximize sales and increase passive income

  1. Write quality content for your blog or website about how to choose or how to buy a product available on Amazon. Now more than ever, people connect to the Internet to investigate the different purchase possibilities.
  2. Write reviews of new products. People want to know about the items before spending money on them, especially if they are new and there is not much information available.
  3. Promote special offers. Always research Amazon’s special promotions on products that fit the thematic area of ​​your website.
  4. Amazon issues reports on the items being sold. Use this information in your favor to know what products to promote.

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