How to increase followers on Twitter? Let’s go to 10 important steps

How to increase followers on Twitter? Let’s go to 10 important steps

Increase, Follower, TwitterIf you have created your Twitter account but are not getting followers on it then this post is for you today. Today you will learn how to increase followers on Twitter. Here, I will tell you about 10 important ways that the followers will come to your twitter.

We all know that twitter is a very popular social media platform. It has millions of users active throughout the world. If there are more followers on your twitter profile then you will have a different impression. If more and more people remain connected to you then your posted thoughts can be quite popular. Most celebrities now use twitter.

Let us now talk about the important ways that you can increase the followers on your twitter. Please read these methods carefully and apply to your profile. Soon you will have a lot of fan on twitter.

# 1 Attractive Profile
Firstly give your twitter profile a unique look. Make profiles from your name and username because the user is away from the Fake Profile. Set up your profile according to the following steps-

Profile Picture – Put a good image of yourself on the profile, in which your face will appear clearly. Such people will see your profile real and trust will increase on you.
Header Picture – According to your interest or profession, apply a header picture and this picture should be completely unique.

Chandigarhkesari, Profile,Pic

Bio– It holds immense importance for twitter because this is what you know about who you are? Here you write about yourself very well who are you? What do you do? what do you like? Write and write.
Location- Enter the name of your city here, this will also attract people around you and increase the chances of follow.
Website– If you have a website or blog, then linking its URL here will make your profile look like a professional. Here I have given an example-

Theme Color– Here you can set any color of your choice, so that the link, hashtag and so on all of your profile will be of that color. You can also use your website, blog or brand color.

# 2 Post Unique and Quality

Most of the followers come in when you have good tweet on your profile. Let’s say that whatever you post should be a little bit away from it. You do not have to lift it from your profile and copy it to your profile. Most of the engagement on Twitter comes on the graphic, so keep in mind that whatever image you are going to tweet with an image or video must be installed. If you are not getting a unique graphic then you can go to Canva and edit the image a bit.

# 3 According to a strategy, tweet
First of all, you have to create a strategy on twitter which post is to post? How much do you want to tweet in a day? How to make tweet Everything. Most people do their branding with this strategy. Some digital mercator and twitter expert say that about 4 posts in a day tweet. If you constantly make more tweet then your followers can irritate you to unfollow them too.

Do the first post in the morning, in which Morning Motivational or Post a Thought. In another post, post some tips related to your field, in which graphics and video were ever posted. In the third post, you can also market your product or brand. The fourth post that will be at night, do a top news tweet throughout the day. Keeping a lot of changes in this strategy, you also posted Weekly Weekend or Holidays. Sometimes, do questions from your followers and also use call to action in your post. With this, the chances of follow are doubled.

If you do not find the time to make regular tweeting, do not panic, there are many online tools on which you can schedule your tweet to be tweeted at your time. Hootsuite and Buffer are by far the most popular social media management tools.

Use # 4 Hashtag
Please use the top rated hashtag on every post in your post like if you are going to post a morning post if you have to apply a hashtag like #MorningMotivation #GoodMorning or post a tips, then put a hashtag like #Tips #safetytips. Keep in mind that hashtag is according to post type. The biggest advantage of putting Hashtag is that the reach of your post will increase, meaning that most of your users can access the post. This also increases the chances of follow.

# 5 Likes and Retweets
Whenever you get time, likes and retweets good posts on twitter, your followers and your relationship will remain. If your followers start posting your post then new followers will not take much time to come. Going to the hashtag related to your field, keep liking the tweets of new users, by doing so they will definitely follow you.

# 6 Follow the active logo
Every day, people keep following people who spend more time on twitter. If you follow them then they will definitely follow you. Now it will be coming to your mind that how do we know the active people on twitter? Very simple way to search the keyword or hashtag related to your field on twitter and then click on the latest post, whatever the user tweet will be all active users. You can follow them. There are so many tools to follow such twitter users, you can increase the number of followers with his help. Speaking of Free Tool, Statusbrew will be best for Unfollowerstats and Pad Tool.

Use # 7 Mention
Like on Facebook, you post many friends by posting them, in the same way on twitter you mask the people by tweeting that the followers will come from here. On twitter, you have to type @ a username and you want to do the mantra. Mention people who have good followers. Mentioned tweet if they like it, they will definitely retweet this tweet and this will also make your tweet reach even more and more people. There are more chances to come with followers.

# 8 Follow the follow button on website or blog
If you have a website or blog, then follow the button in it, as much traffic comes on your website or blog, there are more shocks than coming from there. Let us know how the follow button looks. First, open your Twitter account and click on your profile at the top right, there will be a dropdown menu, come up and open Setting and Privacy. After that, Widgets → Create new → Profile → Twitter Button → Follow Button in the Left Side
Put your twitter username here (Ex.- @varinderkaundal) Then click Preview, now you will get a code, paste it in your website or blog where you want to use the follow button. These buttons will look something like this-

# 9 Share a button with twitter card in a blog post.
The biggest advantage of Twitter card is that if someone shares the post with your blog’s share button on their twitter account, then your username will be automatically edited in that content. If you have installed your Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugins, then enter the social settings and submit your username and enable twitter card.

# 10 “Thank You” tweet or message
You must be surprised to know that there are so many accounts on twitter that, according to bot, robots do robotic meanings. There are so many tools available on the Internet that provide bot tweet and messaging facilities. You can also use it but at least do it. If someone is following you then you should make a tweet by presenting them personally. For example- “Thank you for following @username” | If you wish, you can also direct message to twitter. Doing so will keep the relationship between you and your followers good.

On Twitter, you also want to know your followers that they like what kind of tweet they like, on whom there are more likes on tweet and more retweets on whom For this you can see everything by going to twitter analytics. Your old tweets, which have more likes, retweets, have been retweeting them on your account and pinned one of the best tweet on the profile.

Now you have come to know everything about twitter how to increase the followers. How do we increase our followers on Twitter? 10 important ways to go “The post will be very beneficial for you. If you have any hesitation in any way then you can do the following comments and do not forget to share this post.

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