Rs 48 lakh withdrawn from PGI’s bank account using fake cheque

PGI Chandighar
PGI Chandigharh

Organization dispatches inward examination, submits police protest

A WHOPPING measure of Rs 48 lakh of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has been stolen from the organization’s primary ledger after fraudsters pulled back cash utilizing a phony check. The PGI has presented a police grievance and has likewise propelled an inward examination. Sources in PGI disclosed to Chandigarh Newsline that their workers a couple of days back saw one exchange in the fundamental record. The criminal(s) utilized a phony check which was at that point issued by the organization. The exchange has been followed to a State Bank of India branch in Madhya Pradesh.

“The measure of Rs 48 lakh was pulled back on October 25. Our staff saw a similar two days prior,” a senior authority said on Sunday. He included that the installment was issued from the State Bank of India’s branch in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Authorities say PGI’s fundamental record is with SBI.

The authority stated, “The fraudsters utilized a similar check which was issued by us before for one bona fide installment of Rs 17,000. A similar check number was introduced again before the SBI branch in Indore and exchange was completed.”

Sources said that the PGI organization looked for subtle elements of the specific exchange, including the name specified on the phony check. “It was discovered that an association’s name was said in the check. Through our main security officer, we have additionally held up a police protestation for the situation,” said another official aware of the advancement.

Sources said that the organization was likewise examining the case inside. “Each check is passed with marks of two authorities. It has been educated by the bank authorities to us that the phony check had an indistinguishable marks from well. When we asked the authorities concerned, they have denied any inclusion. We can’t preclude the association of anybody from the organization. The issue is in effect inside examined,” said the authority.
He maintained that it was the job of the bank officials not to clear the same cheque, which was already passed and used at the bank’s different branch.
The institute’s financial advisor Sushil Thakur confirmed the incident to Chandigarh Newsline and stated that a complaint had been submitted to the police. “We are also investigating the matter internally,” he said.


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