Srilanka vs India 2017 ODI Cricket Match Tickets go on sales today

Srilanka vs India 2017 ODI Cricket Match Tickets go on sales today

Chandigarh: The Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) today reported the begin of ticket deal for the second ODI amongst India and Sri Lanka.

India, Srilanka, Ticket,Chandigarh, PCA, Punjab Cricket AssociationThe match is booked to be held at the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali on December 13. The tickets will go discounted from tomorrow, the PCA stated,
including that individuals inside the tri-city can purchase the tickets through ICICI bank offices. In Mohali, the tickets will be accessible at Phase 3B2 and Sector 67 branches of the bank.
Also, the tickets can be bought from the door number four and 14 of the stadium, the PCA said.
In Chandigarh, the tickets will be accessible at the bank’s Sector 10, Sector 20 and Sector 40 branches, in Panchkula the tickets may be accessible at the Sector 11 branch.
The tickets will be sold from 11 am to 1pm and 2pm to 3pm at all the assigned spots, the sports body added. The tickets have been sorted into eight sections — premium
corporate box with accommodation (level II, entryway number 1B) costing Rs 10,000, world class relax with cordiality (level III, door number 1B) for Rs 4,500, structure patio (door number 1C) for Rs 3,500.
Ticket for North Pavilion ( door number 9) will cost Rs 2,000, while that for VIP (south) square (entryway number 14) has been valued at Rs 1,000. VIP (north) square (door number 7 and 10) has likewise been
put at Rs 1,000. Ticket for seat square (door number 5 and 6) will cost Rs 350. Understudy ticket (door number 11) will be for Rs 200. The tickets for the student block can be get simply after
showing a valid student’s ID card from the stadium.

Eight categories of tickets
Student Tickets (Gate no.11)- for Rs 200 (only available on ID card at gate no. 4 and 14 of IS Bindra PCA Stadium)
Chair Block (Gate no 5&6)- Rs350 (each)
VIP (North) Block 1&2 (Gate no. 7&10)-Rs1,000 (each)
VIP (South) Block (Gate No.14)- Rs 1,000 (each)
North Pavilion (Gate no.9)- Rs 2,000 (each)
Pavilion Terrace (Gate no. 1C)- Rs 3,500 (each)
Elite Lounge (Level III, Gate no. 1-B)- Rs 4,500 (with hospitality)
Premium Corporate Box (Level -II, Gate no. 1B)-Rs 10,000 (with hospitality)

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