The first Thanksgiving in the US may have been as early as 1607, but the famous one at Plymouth Rock took place in 1621.  It did not become an official holiday until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln declared it as a National Day of Thanksgiving (originally on the last Thursday of November).  President Franklin Roosevelt moved it to the 4th Thursday in 1939 in an attempt to revive the economy (so there would be an extra week for Christmas shopping as Christmas shopping did not start till after Thanksgiving!)

How is the American Thanksgiving holiday celebrated?

The traditional North American Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in America every fourth Thursday in November , in Canada every 2nd Monday in October. This is a federal holiday so it is celebrated by all the states of the federation.

On this day, most people have a free time that often prolongs by taking a holiday on Friday. Schools are closed for both days. Some family members live across the nation, and this holiday is for many the only opportunity to meet the whole family and spend time together until Sunday.

It is one of the most popular holidays in North America. Originally, it was  crop celebrations , nowadays it is more a commercial holiday associated with shopping, American football or ceremonial processions. The traditional dish for this day is a home-made turkey and cranberry sauce. Dessert is the most commonly used pumpkin pie.

A little history

In September 1620, a ship called Mayflower was taken from the English port of Plymouth , which was taken by the future settlers of North America. Passengers on the boat went down in history as the Pilgrim Fathers (Pilgrim Fathers). They docked in Cape Cod Bay near future Plymouth, Massachusetts , USA. 

The English settlers were looking for a new home here. But they were not used to the local climate, so they had a problem with growing crops. However, they helped local indigenous people and in 1621 together celebrated the first Thanksgiving day to thank God for harvest and harvest in the past year.

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared this day a public holiday and set him on the last Thursday of November. In 1941, President Roosevelt set the Thanksgiving Day on Thursday 4th of the month. He wanted to increase the economy in years when November 5 weeks – the day after Thanksgiving is considered to be a boon of the Christmas shopping season – so called Black Friday. 

This holiday therefore falls within the range of 22 November to 28 November. We are celebrating this year 22. 11.

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