The best Android Apps of 2019

The best Android Apps of 2019

If you want to get the most out of your Android smartphone, you must ensure that you have downloaded the most appropriate Android Apps for you: messaging, social networks, photos, music. In this article, we collect the 70 best Android Apps this year.


– Messenger apps – Photo Apps
– Social networking apps – Productivity apps
– Video and movie apps – Apps of games
– Music Apps – News and weather apps
– Books Apps – Shopping Apps

smartphone is not really a smart mobile phone if it does not take advantage of the wide variety of applications that are available on platforms such as the Google Play store or the App Store for iOS devices.

But precisely because of the large number of apps that exist, it can be confusing to know which of them are the most appropriate for the uses that each user wants to give them. If this is your case, you are in the indicated article.

Below, we list a total of 70 applications divided into several categories designed to chat with friends, edit photos, listen to free music, play, check the latest news, check your bank balance and much more.

Messenger apps

Although today smartphones are used for more than calls and text messages, these two functions are still the main functions in any mobile phone, as they will help you to contact your friends and family.

Any mobile will include an application to call and send SMS, but there are free alternatives that allow you to do it through an Internet connection, and not from a telephone network.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of our favorite messaging apps is WhatsApp, since apart from being free, it allows you to send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice notes, as well as make voice calls and video calls.

Free | Download WhatsApp Messenger


For Android users, Skype is a good alternative to the FaceTime of iOS devices, since it also allows you to make video calls with one or more people at a time. It also includes a chat system.

Free | Download Skype


At PCWorld, we like to use Slack to contact our coworkers quickly. In fact, it is much more effective than a conventional email. You can create work groups and send photos and GIFs.

Free | Download Slack

Social networking apps

If you are one of those who can not live without social networks, nothing will make your life easier than having the applications installed on your smartphone . Some mobiles already come with the apps of the main platforms, but if this is not your case, you will be interested in continuing reading.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

The most important and used social network in the world can not miss on your smartphone , nor can you miss Facebook Messenger, with which you can send private messages to your contacts in a much more comfortable way.

Free | Download Facebook | Download Facebook Messenger


You can not miss the opportunity to install Twitter on your smartphone , which will help you to know the opinion of your friends on any subject, whether it is the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a political scandal or the restaurant on the corner.

Free | Download Twitter


If what you like most of all is to share your life in social networks, and not so much gossip what your friends do, you should download Timehop, which will let you know what you published on this same day of previous years.

Free | Download Timehop


Fan of selfies ? If so, Snapchat is your ideal app, which turns the simple act of self-portraiture into a fun activity thanks to the great variety of filters and effects that it includes and that change frequently.

Free | Download Snapchat


Those who miss the forums that became so popular a decade ago will find Reddit a good companion. In this social network, you can participate in discussions with other users, ask for advice and learn new things every day.

Free | Download Reddit

Video and movie apps

Technological advances have made smartphones increasingly better screens, higher resolution and larger dimensions. That makes watching movies and series from an Android is not as uncomfortable as it used to be a few years ago.


If your mobile does not include the YouTube app, you will surely want to download it to access the millions of videos also available on the web and listen to music from this platform in the background while using other applications.

Free | Download YouTube


Watching movies and series is very easy with Netflix, which has a huge catalog of original and purchased formats . You will need to have an account and be subscribed to one of your payment plans, although the application can be downloaded for free.

Free | Download Netflix

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a good alternative to Netflix, which has the best series of today. You will also need to subscribe, but in this case you will only have to pay € 19.99 per year, a much more affordable price than your great rival.

Free | Download Amazon Prime Video


The largest database of everything that surrounds the visual world is the IMBd website, which also has its own mobile application. In it you will find information about series, movies and movie stars.

Free | Download IMDb

Music Apps

Remember when the mobiles were not designed to listen to music and we used walkmans , disc players or, less years ago, mp3 players? Now it’s hard to understand what a smartphonewould be if you could not listen to your favorite songs with it.

Google Play Music

Although it is likely that this app is already included in your Android, it is good to remember that Google Play Music is the most suitable application to listen to your own collection of songs with your smartphone.

Free | Download Google Play Music


If, on the other hand, you want to discover new artists and albums, you should get hold of Spotify, the music player in streaming par excellence. You can use it for free or opt for your Premium account with many more features.

Free | Download Spotify


The Deezer platform is also a popular service for listening to music online . Check our article about the main music players to know which one of them best suits your needs.

Free | Download Deezer


A very good way to discover new artists and musicians trying to make a place in the industry is SoundCloud, where the users themselves publish their works and use the platform to promote their musical projects.

Free | Download SoundCloud


We have all found ourselves in that annoying situation of listening to a song on the radio, falling in love with it and not knowing who sings it. This has a solution with Shazam, an application that allows you to identify the author and the title of any song.

Free | Download Shazam

Book Apps

The larger size of today’s smartphones also makes reading books more comfortable and makes buying an e-book reader less important. With these apps you can read as many books as you want but also your favorite magazines.


The Readly application allows you to read magazines published around the world in an unlimited way. Among them, you will find some publications of IDG, a group to which PCWorld belongs. Take advantage of the 30 days of testing to know if this app is for you.

Free | Download Readly

Amazon Kindle

Install the Amazon Kindle app on your Android to access thousands of eBooks from your smartphone . You will no longer have an excuse not to read on the way to your work, since the only thing you will have to do is something that you already do: check your mobile.

Free | Download Amazon Kindle


If reading is not your thing, try listening and use Audible to enjoy the best novels in audiobook format. This option is also a very good idea if you like to be told stories when you are driving.

Free | Download Audible

Photo Apps

Smartphones cameras have also gained in quality and make some pictures with a resolution that are the envy of many compact cameras. All this is even better thanks to the apps designed for lovers of photography.


One of the most recommended applications to edit your photos is Snapseed, which offers you the possibility to get professional results, either by adding filters, adjusting the effects to your liking or creating frames.

Free | Download Snapseed


Apps to edit photos would be useless if you could not boast of them through social networks. Instagram allows you that and much more, since you can also add effects to your images, share videos and make direct.

Free | Download Instagram

Google Photos

To keep all the images of your Android safe, you will need to have installed the Google Photos app, since this will allow you to create a backup in the cloud of your photos and videos through a Wi-Fi network.

Free | Download Google Photos

Productivity apps

The smartphones have become mini computers, partly thanks to office applications and productivity that allow you to work comfortably when you’re away from the office.

Google Apps

Google offers an offline service similar to that offered by other traditional office suites. Among others, it includes e-mail platforms, calendar, word processors and spreadsheets and a web analytics tool.

Free | Download Google Apps: Gmail – Google Calendar – Google Drive – Google Docs – Google Sheets – Google Slides – Google Analytics

Microsoft Office

If you prefer to use the most popular office suite, Microsoft also has a version of its software in the form of an app designed for Android smartphones and tablets . You can also use your cloud storage service.

Free | Download Microsoft Office: Word – Excel – PowerPoint – OneNote – OneDrive


On the contrary, if you want to use your mobile from your computer or laptop, you can use AirDroid to access your smartphone remotely and send messages, consult photos, talk on WhatsApp and much more.

Free | Download AirDroid

Games apps

There are many games available for Android devices. In fact, you can check our ranking of the best games for Android , whether paid or free. Next, we highlight two of the most popular.

angry Birds

The game par excellence for those who need to entertain themselves for a few minutes while waiting for the bus or during an advertising break. We warn that it can be very addictive, so play with caution.

Free | Download Angry Birds

Plants vs Zombies 2

More than 100 million people have already downloaded this game on their Android and more than 100 million people can not be wrong. Join this hilarious adventure in which you must defeat the zombies you will encounter.

Free | Download Plants vs Zombies 2

News and weather apps

Certainly, Internet and social networks make it much easier to access information, whether the news itself or the weather information. But all this is still much faster through media apps.

Among them, the application of El País , RTVE or stand out . You can also install international media apps as reputable as the BBC , The Guardian , Le Monde or The New York Times in Spanish .

As for meteorology apps, highlights Weather in or Tiempo España  for users located in the Spanish state, or The Weather Channel or El Tiempo  for those in Latin America.

Shopping Apps

The smartphones are also very useful when making purchases online , but can be a bit tiring to do it from a web browser. If you also think about it, do not hesitate to take advantage of the advantages offered by these apps.


At Amazon, you can find everything from books, electronic devices or decorative objects, to beauty products, food and handmade items. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll have everything you want in your home in less than a week.

Free | Download Amazon


The eBay app is designed for those who always consult the website and now also want to do it from their mobile phones to find second-hand products at the best price.

Free | Download eBay

Other apps

To conclude, we offer you five applications that can also be very useful, but that do not correspond to any of the previous sections. All of them have the favor of our writing.

App Lock

If you’re worried about snoops, you’ll have to do with App Lock: a fingerprint lock with which you can also protect the privacy of certain applications with a password. In this sense, you can block, for example, your messages, your contacts or your Instagram.

Free | Download App Lock


The Fitbit app will go hand-in-hand with anyone who has a bracelet or a Fitbit watch . With it you can monitor your activity, put challenges, check your progress, compete with your friends … And all with a very simple and easy to use interface.

Free | Download Fitbit


Update your resume anytime and anywhere thanks to the LinkedIn app, with which you can also be the first to sign up for the latest offers or respond instantly when a staff selector contacts you.

Free | Download LinkedIn

Star Walk 2

Enjoy the free version of Star Walk, an application that will allow you to recognize stars, planets and constellations in the sky by just having a look at the map in real time of the app. Become an astronomy ax!

Free | Download Star Walk 2

Genius Hub

Do you have an intelligent heating system at home? Then you should have the compatible application, like this from Genius Hub, to be able to control the temperature remotely and from your smartphone . It ended up getting home and peel of cold.

Free | Download Genius Hub

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