Top most popular social networks worldwide

Top most popular social networks worldwide

We bring to your attention the most popular social networks worldwide as of 2018 — a global community with 3.2 billion users.

Social media truly unites people’s minds to bring the concept of “globalization” to a completely different level. 1 out of 4 Internet users makes purchases of goods after a positive interaction with the brand in social networks.

But every medal has a reverse side. Remember how people listened to vague explanations of Mark Zuckerberg about the illegal transfer of data to 87 million of their users of Cambridge Analytica. In today’s realities, living in social networks means living under the hood of special services and corporations. And this is not paranoia.

Despite all the scandals, restrictions and prohibitions of social networks continue to rapidly increase their audience. The same Facebook on June 27, 2017 crossed the mark of 2 billion users, and today its audience totals 2.3 billion.

Demonstrating a growth of about 10% annually, Facebook remains the largest social platform in the world. Moreover, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions of the 2018 ranking, there are sites owned by the aforementioned Mr. Zuckerberg.

By the way, today in the world there are 3 social networks with a billion audience – in addition to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are included in this elite club.

The most popular social networks worldwide

Social networkMonthly Active Users

* – the rating takes into account the monthly audience of active users

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Social media statistics in 2018

What is the audience involvement? How many mobile users are there today?

Here are some interesting numbers from Global Digital Report 2018:

  • At the beginning of the year, the population of the Earth was 7.6 billion, among whom 55% lived in cities and urban-type settlements
  • The total number of Internet users in January 2018 for the first time exceeded 4 billion, showing an annual increase of about 7%
  • The number of monthly active users of social networks reached 3.2 billion, the annual audience growth averages 13%
  • The number of users of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) with access to the World Wide Web at the beginning of the year reached 5.1 billion
  • Among them, more than 2.95 billion regularly come from mobile devices into various social platforms (39% penetration).

The attentive reader noticed: 3.2 billion users of social networks, of which 2.95 billion are mobile users. Today we can safely say that social platforms are a world of active and mobile people.

The share of mobile devices in total web traffic today is 52% (an annual increase of + 4%), and desktops inexorably lose their popularity (a decrease of -3% per year).

Internet penetration in 2018 is still very different in different regions: from 94% in Northern Europe to 27% in East Africa.

In Russia and Eastern Europe, this figure today is 74%.

Separate attention should be paid to the growth rate of social media audience in the regions of the world. If in countries with high market saturation (USA, UK, South Korea) growth rates do not exceed 5% annually, the developing countries of Asia and Africa cross out all conceivable records.

The growth rate of the audience of social networks in the world:

  1. Saudi Arabia: + 32%
  2. India: + 31%
  3. Indonesia: + 23%
  4. China: + 22%
  5. South Africa: + 20%
  6. Vietnam: + 20%
  7. Russia: + 15%
  8. Morocco: + 14%

This is where the real potential for the development of e-commerce is hidden!

What social networks grow the fastest?

Every Internet entrepreneur and marketer is limited by time and budget, so the rapidly growing social network – this is exactly what you need to focus on.

If your business is planning to conquer the English-speaking segment of the Internet, it is worthwhile to concentrate on the next Facebook and Instagram. The first platform for the two-year period from 2015 to 2017 added 530 million active users, and the second brainchild of Zuckerberg expanded the audience by 400 million over the same period.

How do users interact with brands in social networks?

Knowledge of the behavior and peculiarities of user interaction decides whether they will be permanent followers and buyers, or they will turn around and leave the group.

According to foreign polls, about 27% of users decide to purchase goods and services after a positive experience of interaction in social networks.

What makes users of social networks to buy:

  • brand feedback – 48%
  • seductive promotions – 46%
  • educational content – 42%
  • interesting visual images – 38%
  • humorous content – 36%
  • exclusive content – 35%

At the same time 51% of respondents admit that they would refuse to subscribe if the group publishes intrusive, annoying posts. Another 27% would complain about spam.

That is why posts relevant and interesting to the target audience are the key to the brand’s popularity and the successful development of your business in social media.

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