Top Online marketing tools

Top Online marketing tools

There are many online marketing tools . In this article we are going to talk about the Top Online marketing tools, analyzing the key points of each one to help in the decision on which to choose for our day-to-day work.

The points and characteristics that we take into account when choosing one tool or another are several. Discover them below and find the one that best suits your business !

  • Templates : Many of the current tools already offer generated templates that you can customize according to your needs. This way you do not need programming experts for this kind of details. We can talk about templates to create emails, landings, thank you pages, etc. 
  • Forms : As in the previous section, forms are essential in many of the marketing strategies to capture leads and grow our database. Only then can we impact on them and get them to buy us.
  • Price : we have free tools and others that the monthly price varies depending on the contacts of your list or functionalities available in the tool, such as chatbots. 
  • Automation (or workflows): a feature that we must take into account to choose a tool or another is if it has automation of triggers, that is, if actions are executed automatically according to whether they meet the conditions we have previously indicated. There are some tools with very basic workflows and others that allow us to create more complex decision trees. 
  • Ownership of records : we want to analyze the records we obtain, to know both the origin and the channel or its behavior. It is also important to be able to create hidden properties for each record, where internally we can label it for easier handling of grouping by lists or clusters of the database.
  • Lists of records: a good email marketing strategy, for example, is based on the segmentation of the list of records and the knowledge of your interests or intentions with our product or service. If we can group the registers by static or dynamic lists, then it is easier to create the workflows. 
  • CTA : the type and design of CTAs are very important when converting visitors into leads. To be able to create CTA with “smart” rules, for example, depending on whether you are on mobile or desktop, showing a CTA or another will help you a lot to improve your conversion rates on your website or blog. 
  • API and other technical issues : that can be linked with other tools is an important feature to better manage our databases and strategies. Tools with easy integration with Salesforce, for example, will make your day to day easier. 

With this comparison (or macrocomparative) of tools, I will show you what they offer so that you can choose one or the other according to your objectives. Write down!


It is a very good tool for an inbound marketing strategy , since it has a CMS to publish on the blog, SEO tools for tracking keywords, complete analysis with personalization of segments and social networks, etc. And your service is impeccable!

As a drawback, we would say that its price is high : it is one of the most expensive tools for online marketing. In addition, this price increases according to the volume of records in your contact list.

Our recommendation, without a doubt, is this tool, since it allows you to carry out your inbound marketing strategy in the simplest way possible. For you to decide for yourself, I leave this link to an  article that talks about it .


It is a free platform with a large number of functionalities, in which the personalization of workflows stands out .

I also recommend it for the beginnings of your project , since it fulfills satisfactorily the basic functions , in its free option, and increases the functionalities with the paid version, as it allows programming automatic response messages.

Its synchronization with WordPress makes it win many followers, in addition to being present in Facebook Ads, linking the records with the segmentation of the platform.Learn a little more about this tool by reading  this article.


It is a online marketing tools that has many functionalities : you can automate lead nurturing actions in a simple way thanks to the flexibility of the tool with lead scoring, which allows generating fully customizable models. The campaign canvas is very intuitive and easy to use. In email marketing campaigns, you can perform A / B tests, a fact that will help you analyze what works best with your records.

It also has drawbacks, such as, due to its potential, requires advanced technical knowledgeto make the most of the tool.

The price is also one of the drawbacks of the tool and lacks a free demo version to get an idea of ​​what it is and finally decide if it is a good investment, and more considering the cost …

The attention and improvement of the errors that appear are not solved in the fastest way. If you want more information about the tool.


It is a very complete tool , similar to HubSpot, but with an improved user experience . Although it is an intuitive and easy to use platform, it requires a lot of organization for each action you want to carry out.

The integration with Salesforce and the connection with social networks are points in favor for this tool. However, it is not possible to link to several Google Analytics accounts.

The workflow system is very complete and the personalization of the emails is very powerful.

As disadvantages, we could say that it uses a folder system and these are not well linked together. Also, CTAs can not be created and there are limitations to an inbound marketing strategy.


This tool is very similar to Mautic , although it has the advantage of its speed and the large capacity of contacts in your database. In your favor we will say that it is still in the expansion phase, but it already allows you to create landings, forms, emails and workflows, although it is hard to mount them.

It also has disadvantages, which we hope will solve, as it does not allow synchronizing with social networks or create CTA.

Its price varies depending on the contacts of your database, but it has many ecommerce as a customer with a high degree of satisfaction. 


We have a comparison between this tool and HubSpot that can be of great help, although we can tell you that it is a platform designed by Microsoft , a fact that makes integration very easy. It allows you to create landings and forms, as well as surveys. At the same time, you can track each person on the web to make a lead scoring.

It is not intuitive and the support is terrible , fact that conditions its use if you need support

Marketing Cloud (Salesforce)

With this tool you can publish through social networks and create advertising with social ads, as well as measure and optimize the interaction with your users . They have very complete functionalities, such as the creation of landings, analytics, email and SMS automation, creation of workflows and lead nurturings, among others.

But it also has the disadvantage that you do not have online assistance and, depending on your goals, you must buy different modules, which increases your initial price considerably according to your needs.

Active Campaign

This software has been created to manage the records of your website . It has a high capacity for the entire marketing automation process and is easy to use; In addition, it allows to do A / B test.

Its value for money is excellent and the price is not based on the number of contacts on your list, but on the features you want to activate. Big Deal!

However, it does not allow to publish through social networks or upload PDF or images.


You are starting? Well, because Mautic is designed for your beginnings . Data analytics is basic and operation is based on simple things. If you need something more powerful and with more features, Mautic will not serve you, but it’s great if your goal is the automation of emails and the creation of forms for your blog .

With this tool you can design landings and email campaigns. You can centralize the information of your leads and segment according to your needs. Its main feature is that it is a software under the Open Source license, so you can download it for free and modify the code to make it more useful for the company. 

RD Station

We will finish our list with this tool, which is going strong compared to others like HubSpot. Its platform is SaaS and the data is stored in the cloud. The prices are quite cheaper than other marketing automation tools, besides being very intuitive and easy to use.

One of the features that many marketers will appreciate is that it can be integrated with Google Analytics, and that makes it valued in terms of time optimization, which is also important.

It has 4 main modules to attract, convert, relate and analyze; with functionalities for the automation of the mailing, creation of landings, forms and sharing in social networks. It has a great variety of templates for emails and landings.

One of its drawbacks is the generation of reports and the creation of forms, which are quite basic, as well as the difficulty with some integrations.

It is a tool widely used by marketing professionals (Rd Station was born in brazil country), has good support and is a good option considering the price-quality ratio, since there are cheaper tools with fewer functionalities and others that go up in price according to the volume and characteristics of our company.

As we have seen, there are plenty of tools, more general or specific, according to the needs and the moment in which the company is located .

we recommend using HubSpot for its versatility and its usefulness for various marketing actions. Although it is true that for projects in the initial phase or with fewer resources there are simpler tools that will fulfill their duty.

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