Trends in Content Marketing for 2019

Trends in Content Marketing for 2019

It has been several years since the content marketing or content marketing proclaimed king of the strategies. Little by little, brands from all the niches have become aware of their great importance, and today it is one of the basic pillars of all digital communication.

As it can not be otherwise, this will continue to be one of the aspects that we are going to have to work on if we want to continue reaching our target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the 5 best Content Marketing platforms , which always help us to keep up to date on what is the trend.

Content Marketing Trends that will rebound in 2019

A priori it may seem that content marketing is nothing more than content, but in fact there are many different formats, styles, channels, ways of communicating …

If you think about it a little, you will surely identify the patterns under which this type of strategy has evolved in recent years.

For example, we have gone through the tendency to overload each text with keywords (robot mode), accompany each publication with an info-graphic and, more recently, share each content in an experiential format or storytelling.

What will content marketing bring us next year? We will see everything that we can foresee according to the trends of the last months:

➽ Video marketing, live broadcasts and stories

Have you noticed that every time the video becomes more present in our social networks? This preference of the users for the immediacy and the stories told in the first person, forces us to take copy writing to more and more audiovisual formats.

Among the most effective content marketing strategies, three types of formats stand out:

  • Streaming and live videos : The video goes one step further to encourage on-site connectivity and facilitate user participation through live chat.

  • Stories : Finally, the ephemeral contents that disappear in 24 hours stand out, triumphing especially on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Stories . They stand out for being a format in which the videos are spontaneous, informal, close and direct. A way to show the most human side.
  • Video tutorials and blogs : It was the most common so far. Video content that complements texts or graphics, and that are published permanently on platforms such as YouTube, or within our own social networks or website.

➽ Bots to speed up the response speed

Internet has brought us a lot of good, like the possibility of reaching our brand with people from any part of the globe. However, it also requires us in many aspects.

If there is a requirement that is common to all sectors, it is the speed of response. Our clients are no longer willing to wait for anything, and if we want to be able to compete, we have no choice but to ensure immediacy.

Given this scenario, the configuration of automation tools and chatbots (both in social networks and on the web), are and will continue to be a must in 2019.

➽ Microsegmentations and specific contents

Another key to create content according to the new trends, is the microsegmentation around specific market niches.

The most intelligent thing has stopped being to activate mass marketing campaigns, to segment the contents based on specific interests and, thus, be able to offer true personalized experiences.

This influences campaigns with influencers, who stop targeting great personalities. Now it is the algorithms themselves that drive brands to work with microinfluencers, with less followers but more engagement.

➽ Battle against the fake news

In 2018 the fake news or false news have been the order of the day. Many companies and other Internet agents have launched news of this type to create needs for users, even knowing that the news was not real.

This has to do with the previous point, and is that thanks to the segmentation, you can customize the content much more. In this way, we guarantee that users are well informed on very specific topics.

Like this one, there are other spaces in which to be up to date on what moves in the sector, so I recommend following at least one Content Marketing Blog .


In summary, in this post we have seen that some of the trends in content marketing for 2019 go through the video format, the use of bots and micro-segmentation.

The most remarkable? For me the great weight that video marketing is taking on social media and the format “history”, which is why I decided to take up my own YouTube channel and not stop researching on Instagram!

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