Video Marketing: How to find the best keywords for YouTube

Video Marketing: How to find the best keywords for YouTube

Founded in 2005, YouTube has not only become a serious alternative to television, but is also the most popular search engine after Google. Although the most successful videos on YouTube are music videos and clips of influences presenting fashion products or games, the video platform with its global audience is also an important advertising channel for businesses . But getting attention there requires a lot of work. Because over 1 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every day – more than on Facebook and Netflix together. And 400 hours of video footage is uploaded to the platform every minute.

For SEO managers, YouTube offers a rich field of activity. So as not to lose the message of streaming more or less good videos with their message, they can also use a number of tools for Google and YouTube to increase the number of subscriptions and video views. Important is a solid keywords for YouTube before the first video minute is produced .

Keyword research and analysis with Google Ads ™

Unfortunately, YouTube does not provide video producers with their own keyword research tool. But you can take advantage of the fact that YouTube is part of Google. If you already use Google Ads ™ (formerly Google AdWords ™), you can get keyword ideas here. Under “All Campaigns” go to the menu item “Keywords” and select the tab “Display Network / Video Keywords”. Here you can enter keywords or get keyword ideas by clicking on the “plus” icon.

Alternative tools for keywords for YouTube and analysis

If Google Ads ™ is not enough, you will find a whole range of suitable tools on the net. In general, there is a free version on the pages of the provider, which provides quite good information. The free offers, however, have a drawback. They do not offer the depth of information you might want. Who search engine optimization runs for his company and for its customers, should look therefore what do the paid versions.

On you can search for specific keywords that are used on YouTube. The free version provides a lot of useful keyword suggestions, but only with a paid access, the tool also indicates how large the corresponding search volume.

Other keyword analysis tools are Kparser and Soovle . They also offer keyword suggestions. The paid version of Kparser supplies as well as additionally the search volume for the individual keywords.

After the keywords for YouTube: Even more attention for your YouTube videos

If you have a collection of suitable keywords together, you can now ensure via titles, tags, descriptions and subtitles that the newly produced video appears as prominently as possible in the YouTube results list. The title is the first and therefore the most important eye-catcher. Accordingly, he should be short, concise and, above all, truthful. The important thing is that it contains the main keyword as far forward as possible and that it does not exceed 100 characters in total. Otherwise the system will cut him off.

However, the decisive attraction is the preview image. You can choose this thumbnail from three suggestions from YouTube, or upload your own. And this is what the best parameters for a self-designed thumbnail look like:

  • File format: JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG
  • maximum size: 2 gigabytes
  • Ideal width: from 640 pixels
  • Resolution: 1280×720
  • optimal aspect ratio: 16: 9

In addition, the tags are important for ranking a video. Because the YouTube algorithm uses them to estimate the video and assign the right searches. Here you can enter the most relevant keywords from the search.

Frequently underestimated are the subtitles . They too are evaluated by search engines. After all, it generates YouTube automatically, but the transfer is not always accurate. If you want to be on the safe side, you can review and correct the subtitles.

The video description finally includes a maximum of 5000 characters. It should explain the most important content in the first 100 to 120 characters, because they will be displayed first. The rest of the text appears when the user clicks “Show More”. For longer videos, it makes sense to create jump labels in the description so viewers can get a better look at the content and find important information faster.

Conclusion: the audience is waiting for your performance!

For all technical aspects, keep in mind that YouTube is an interactive platform. It allows direct contact between the video producer and the viewer. Although the wet-researched and occasionally openly negative culture of discussion from other areas of the Web has long since taken hold, many user contributions nevertheless provide helpful suggestions, criticism and impulses for the further development of one’s own channel. Anyone who comes into contact with their viewers also creates the opportunity to build their own community. Many successful creators also use this opportunity to respond to or discuss questions through their own comments or features such as the SuperChat.

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