What is adsense ?

What is adsense ?

If you have a blog, you’re likely to know, have used it, or at least have already heard about Google Adsense, one of several  extremely useful Google tools  for your blog.

Google Adsense allows you to  monetize your content , thus joining the useful to the pleasant.

However, since it is extremely demanding with its users, many bloggers can be  banned  for a variety of reasons, and can no longer recover their account.

One of the most recurring reasons for these Google Adsense bans is usually verification of  invalid activity  (“false” clicks on ads, such as your own clicks, or clicks from your friends, relatives, and acquaintances).

So if you have already been banned, you have had some unpleasant experience, or simply prefer to try other alternatives, rest assured that they exist, and there are  many !

To make your life easier, we’ll now show you  30 Goolge Adsense alternatives  to your blog, and explain how each one works.

Difficult will be just decide which of the alternatives you prefer! Come on!

Sr No.Company NameType of ads?Model?Minimum survey?Paypal?Website
1AdThriveDisplay Ads.CPM.100 $.Yeswww.adthrive.com/
2Media.netDisplay Ads.CPC, CPM, CPL and CPA.100 $.Yeswww.media.net/
3MediavineDisplay Ads.CPM.25%.Yeswww.mediavine.com/
4AdversalDisplay Ads, Pop-unders.CPC.20%.Yeswww.adversal.com/
5ChitikaDisplay Ads, In-text, Hover and Highlight.CPC, CPL and CPA.10%.Yeswww.chitika.com/
6MonumetricDisplay, In-image, In-line videoPPV.100 $.Yeswww.monumetric.com/
7BidVertiserDisplay,Pop-unders,Sliders.CPC, CPM and CPA.10%.Yeswww.bidvertiser.com/
9Vibrant MediaDisplay, In-text, In-image.CPM and CPC.50%.Yeswww.vibrantmedia.com/
10ClickSorDisplay, Text, Pop-unders, Interstitial and In-text.CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM.50%.Yeswww.clicksor.com/
11InfolinksIn-text, In-frame, In-search and In-tag.CPM and CPC.50%.Yeswww.infolinks.com/
12VigLinkIn-text, In-frame, In-search and In-tag.CPM and CPC.10%.Yeswww.viglink.com/
14KonteraDisplay and In-text.CPC and CPA.50%.Yeswww.amobee.com/
15IntellilinksIn-text.CPM.No minimum value.Yeswww.intellilinks.com/
16Propeller Ads MediaDisplay, Pop-unders, Direct links, Video Ads.CPM.25%.Yeswww.intellilinks.com/
17Revenue HitsDisplay, Pop-ups, Pop-unders, In-text.CPA and CPM.20%.Yeswww.revenuehits.com/
18AdsterraDisplay,Pop-unders,Direct links,Push-ups &Slider Ads.CPM, CPA and CPC.100 $.Yeswww.adsterra.com/
19RevContentDisplay, In-text and In-image.CPM and CPC.50%.Yeswww.revcontent.com/
20PopAdsPop-unders and Pop-ups.CPV.5%.Yeswww.popads.net/
23ConversantDisplay.CPC and CPM.25%.Yeswww.epsilonconversant.com
24MadAdsMediaDisplay.CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL.50%.Yeswww.madadsmedia.com/
25TribalAdNetworkDisplay.CPC and CPA.50%.Yeswww.tribaladnetwork.com/
26AdclickMediaDisplay.CPC and CPM.50%.Yeswww.adclickmedia.com/
27ylliXDisplay,In-App,Slider Ads, Pop-Unders and Direct links.CPC and CPM.1%.Yeswww.yllix.com/en/
28AfilioIn-text.CPA, CPL, CPC and CPM.$120 Do not.www.afilio.com.br/
29AybollDisplay,Slider AdsCPC.$250 Yeswww.ayboll.com/
30TaboolaNative.CPC.$250 Do not.www.taboola.com/

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