What is Social Selling and how to apply it to sell?

What is Social Selling and how to apply it to sell?

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Any company has some concern about sales, be it a multinational or a small local business. In fact, over time we have known different techniques, from the cold door to the catalog sale.

The world of sales is evolving and for a while now it has been focusing more and more on using online channels to apply new strategies. This is the case we will see in this post: social selling.

What is Social Selling and why apply it in your business?

This type of strategy, in fact, is nothing more than the adaptation of traditional methods to new communication channels like Social Media.

“Social Selling is the use of social networks to create links between brands and customers or potential customers to accompany them in the purchase process.

That is to say, it is not exclusively about selling through social networks, but about being prepared to sell.

For example, through Facebook you can directly sell your products, but you can also answer user questions, explain the features, and create a trusting relationship with which the user feels comfortable to make the purchase.

Benefits of Social Selling

If there is a reason why social selling is gaining ground in sales, it is because users claim it.

“According to the IAB Social Networks Study of 2017 , 56% of users recognize that social networks influence their decision to purchase.”

Therefore, the first advantage of this strategy is that users are willing to listen to what is said in networks.

In addition, there are other benefits that you should assess:

  • Increase of the trust : The users value very positively that the marks show nearby and they solve their consultations in social networks.
  • Real-time feedback : In addition to increasing sales, you can learn first-hand what users think. A very valuable information to keep improving.
  • Less investment of time : If you manage communication with several clients at the same time, or use the Facebook Messenger Bots , you will invest less time for each sale.
  • Better ROI : Economic investment in online channels is cheaper than in traditional media, so if done well, ROI is always better.
  • Easy decider detection : Having a direct channel to speak with the public, will make it easier for you to detect who is the decision maker and to address you.

5 Tips for a good Social Selling strategy

Sometimes, it seems that managing the social networks of a business is limited to answering messages and launching publications without further ado.

Actually, the work of a Community Manager is much more than that. If above it is intended to sell through this channel, things get complicated.

1) Always listen to the users

Before selling you must listen to the users, know them well and know what they want and what they need. In this way you can offer them adequate answers.

For this, you can use tools such as Hootsuite or Rankur .

2) Define your target audience well

Once you start listening to the public you will be able to know, as I have already mentioned, the purchasing decision maker for your type of service or product, as well as who is the user, the buyer, etc.

With all that information, you must define your buyer well and define your social selling strategy towards him.

3) Take advantage of sales tools

The work of listening, conversing and creating a space of trust and security is very important, but it is also important to make good use of the opportunities provided by social channels. For example:

  • Create your own catalog on Facebook.
  • Activate the sales buttons in all the profiles that allow it.
  • Add links and prices to products on Instagram.

In short, the user wants brands with which he has a good relationship, but also to make it easy.

4) Do not be afraid to automate

Obviously, users want a personalized treatment, and that’s the way it should be. But there are many tools that allow you to automate social selling tasks that will help you improve your strategy.

This is the case of Social Selling Index on LinkedIn , which gives you reports on the sales opportunities you have, or Google alerts to keep up with everything that is said about you or the competition.

5) Improve your online reputation

If there is something that is going to help you with social selling, it is your online reputation. The trust that a user places in your brand starts with the reputation and advances with the treatment he receives.

This sales strategy must be combined with a good branding and online marketing strategy.


Social channels serve much more than content sharing. Until now they have been used as branding tools or within the content marketing strategy. Now, we go one step further with social selling.

Selling through these channels involves evolving and adapting traditional techniques to this channel. Above all, you have to establish good relations with the users and give them facilities in the purchase.

Do you put social selling into practice in your business to sell more? Would you add some indispensable trick?

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