WhatsApp Launches Business Application for Business

WhatsApp Launches Business Application for Business

Whatsapp, Launches, Business, Application

WhatsApp, one of the most famous email applications, wants to accelerate its monetization, especially with companies. That’s why the Facebook property has just launched its WhatsApp Business app on Android. For now, the application is only available in several countries (Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, Indonesia, United States) .

WhatsApp Business, what is it?

WhatsApp Business is a separate application from the traditional WhatsApp messaging application. With this one, VSEs and SMEs will be able to have a more direct contact with their customers, who are already probably among the 1.3 billion users of the application.

The WhatsApp Business application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and must be installed on a smartphone, as for the standard version. Customers do not need to install an additional application since WhatsApp Business is for business only. Customers can talk directly to their favorite stores with the app they already use. WhatsApp Business – a free-to-download Android App for small business. This new app will make it easier for companies to connect with customers,and more convenient for more than 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that usefull for them.

The WhatsApp for Business app offers some additional features:

  • Company profiles: where clients can find important information about the organization.
  • Intelligent messaging tools: quick responses, welcome messages or absence messages that organization can pre-program.
  • Statistics: Information about responses and messages read to find out what works best for customers.
  • WhatsApp Web: the same function we already know to chat with the application from a computer.
  • Account type: profiles will be verified for organization and users will be able to know.

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Limitations of WhatsApp for Business

To use WhatsApp for business, you must register with a business phone number. This means that if you are already using the number for the traditional WhatsApp application, you will need another number or cancel the account that you opened as a traditional user.


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