Women will have to wear helmet after this order.

Women will have to wear helmet after this order.

Chandigarh, Women, Helmet, Sikh, TurbanChandigarh: In a matter of necessity to make helmets necessary for women, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has taken notice of the letter of the Law Rector of his own court and issued notice to Chandigarh Administration, Home Secretary and Secretary of the Government of Punjab and Haryana Government and asked for an answer. A division bench of Justice Ajay Kumar Mittal and Justice Amit Rawal fixed the hearing on January 11 for the matter.

The letter said that helmets should be made necessary for the safety of women on two wheelers. It should also include those Sikh women who do not wear turbans. In the letter, the media report said that on November 3, the bus of Haryana Roadways, on Sector-22 Light Point, hit a 21-year-old girl who was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Many such road accidents can be defended if women wear a helmet.

This is the current rule
Hazelat with BIS standard under Rule 193 of Punjab Motor Violals Rules 1989 is necessary for all two-wheelers to be worn for drivers. In this, only those people have been given the exemption which, on a medical basis, the CMO has instructed not to wear a helmet. Apart from this, Sikh women were also given exemption. Under the rules of Chandigarh Motor Vehicle Rules 1990 Rules 193, wearing a BIS standard hamlet is required for all two-wheelers to be worn. According to rules in Haryana, those who drive all two wheelers need to wear helmets. Sikh women who wear turbans have discount to wear helment.


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